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Acoustic Covers

SKB Acoustic Guitar Case (3i-4217-18)
  • Tsa latches
  • Designed to fit most acoustic guitars
  • Quality injection molded manufacturing

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If you have a stereo and would like to listen to music while being indoors but don't want the speakers to wake up your sleeping baby, an acoustic cover for your stereo may be the solution you need. While not all are acoustic in the classical sense, these covers will create a cozy feeling and make you feel as though you're sitting down with a warm cup of tea in a quiet Sunday afternoon. The soothing effect can make even the loudest songs seem mellow. Grab some headphones and set up some relaxing tracks, put on your favorite CD, and lay back.

Many people find YouTube to be a fantastic place to find acoustic guitar covers. There are so many videos of children and adults playing their hearts out that it's hard not to fall in love with them. Acoustic covers for YouTube are also easy to find. Simply type in something you'd like on acoustic guitar covers and the video site will provide you with dozens of links to videos that feature guitarists from all over the world performing their best hits. If you don't like YouTube, you can always visit MySpace or Facebook to see what new acoustic covers have been created recently.

The most popular acoustic covers are probably those featured on the "Acoustic Guitar Super Songs" page. This page was actually created by an actual acoustic guitarist who had a hit song on MySpace. Since he loved the song so much, he decided to turn his own song into an acoustic cover instead of trying to sell the rights to it. If you check out the "Acoustic Guitar Super Songs" page regularly, you can spot new songs that have just been played on acoustic guitar in venues around the world.

You can buy acoustic music online. The best place to purchase acoustic covers is actually online from merchants that specialize in selling these types of products. These merchants can often give you the music for free as long as you agree to allow them to use your image on their website. There are thousands of websites out there dedicated to selling acoustic music covers and acoustic guitar covers. If you're diligent about shopping online, you should be able to find the item you need at a reasonable price.

If you prefer to shop offline, there are also a lot of retail stores that specialize in selling acoustic covers. This might not be as convenient as shopping online, but you'll find that they're usually cheaper. Once you've found a few stores, you can look for custom orders. If you have a favorite song that you want to be covered (or a song you think would go great as an acoustic cover), why not ask your local acoustic music store if they can help? Chances are they'll be more than happy to help.

If you aren't into crowdsourced music, but still want to have the chance to show off your own talent, YouTube is the place for you. Search for videos on YouTube about acoustic covers, and you'll find several that will fit your needs. There's nothing like seeing a great live act perform, especially if it's at a small venue like an open mic night. Check out YouTube's music videos section, and you may just be surprised at the number of bands and artists performing around the world right now.

There's also another option that isn't so popular, but might be a better choice for some: recording studio recordings. You can go to VEVO and search for open mic covers, or searches for acoustic performances. The recording quality will probably be a bit lower than if you simply went to a city open mic night, but it will give you the opportunity to hear what the band sounds like real live. If this recording doesn't come to you, VEVO also has a bunch of recordings of musicians performing live at smaller venues. It's worth checking out.

Now that you have a better idea of what you can expect from these sites, you can start finding the sites that suit your needs the best. Acoustic Covers seems to have a good reputation across the internet, and it offers a lot of great options for both covers and performances. If you are a more laid back person, and don't really think much of touring as a profession, you may want to check out VEVO. If you are into loud, electric rock acts, you'll probably want to check out Acoustic Cover. Whichever site you go to, you should be able to find exactly what you need.