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Baby Grand Piano

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Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Pink Piano With 25 Keys and Color-Coded Songbook
  • Wooden child's piano with two full octaves, 25 keys
  • Includes illustrated songbook and color-coded key chart
  • Promotes creative musical expression
  • Measures 18" x 12.7" x 11.5"

Buyer's Guide: Baby Grand Piano

How To Choose A Baby Grand Piano That Meets Your Needs

There are many styles and types of pianos to choose from when looking at baby grand piano options. Pianos range in price from the affordable to the very expensive. The cost will also vary depending on the type and style of piano. The best Grand piano for you will likely depend on your personal preference, the professional skills of the individual piano owner, and the space for the piano to be played.

When choosing between a baby grand piano and an upright piano, there are four important factors to keep in mind. First, the thickness of the soundboard. The thicker the board, the deeper the sound it produces. Thinner sounding boards will tend to have a thinner sound.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a baby grand piano to play onlyeps or if it is an upright instrument. Upright instruments such as upright pianos are easier to store under a large section of ceiling and they do not take up much floor space. This is especially true if the piano is going to be a large piece used in a home setting. Upright pianos can also provide the listener with a greater range of sound than does an instrument that is placed on a table top or shelf.

Finally, when looking at options for a baby grand piano be sure to choose one with a reasonable labor warranty. Labor warranties will typically cover the instrument within its warranty period in the event that the instrument is damaged during normal usage. While many labor warranty plans will not extend to additional units being purchased, some will automatically include pianos when purchased as a set.

In addition, there are two different kinds of piano models to consider including the upright piano and the mini. The upright pianos are usually more popular in homes where the parents want to provide a more traditional musical experience for their child. However, miniaturized models can also be purchased that have the ability to replicate sounds of acoustic guitars and upright pianos. The best baby grand piano will provide the best sound reproduction for both types of instruments.

When comparing models for your baby grand piano you should also consider other features such as fingerboards. Many people find fingerboards on older models to be too thin and feel uncomfortable. However, new models have been developed with much wider fingerboards that are more comfortable and made out of hardwoods such as rosewood. Be sure to also check out the hardware including the type of button rings available. Today's pianos have different ring hardware on the keys to simulate key signatures that occur on different instruments.

One factor that many people do not consider when purchasing a baby grand piano is the number of available keys. While having fewer keys certainly allows for easier song handling, having too many keys can lead to difficulty hitting certain notes. For instance, having five notes is more difficult than having four so it is always advisable to keep this in mind when purchasing your instrument. Another feature to consider when purchasing your instrument is the Steingraeber effect which is the wooden surrounding that surrounds all the strings of a traditional instrument such as a piano.

In general, larger baby grand pianos can produce better sounding music because of their larger tuning devices and cabinet systems. However, these instruments can be quite expensive and as a result may not be affordable to many. If cost is a significant factor when buying your instrument, then budget your purchase accordingly and do not overstretch yourself when buying. Overall, by following some of these simple guidelines that can help you choose the right baby grand piano you'll soon be enjoying the best possible sound for many years to come.