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Bass Synth

Novation Bass Station II Analog Mono-Synth
  • This analog Synth is a brand new version of the classic Novation bass Station with a brand new "acid" Filter joining the "classic" Original bass Station filter
  • Ships with 64 factory Patches and a further 64 user slots
  • Pattern-based step sequencer and and two Oscillators plus an additional sub oscillator
  • Analog Synth layout includes dedicated controls for all major parameters

Buyer's Guide: Bass Synth

Features and Functions of the New Minitaur Bass Synth

Bass Synth keyboards are instruments that generate bass sounds through the use of some type of sound generating mechanisms. They have been very useful in films, TV and audio production, live performances and even the music industry as a whole. A keyboard synthesizer can also be a very useful tool for lead guitarists. Bass keyboards have also been used in other musical styles such as trance, pop, jazz and breaks. Even today, there are people who use keyboards as a way of writing and creating music especially when mixed with live performances.

In music production, a bass synthesizer is often compared to that of a digital audio workstation (DAW) because it enables the user to manipulate digital sound and MIDI data. The majority of electronic keyboard synthesizers today are computer programs that run directly from a personal computer or a laptop. Keyboards of this kind can either be standalone or they can be incorporated with other instruments in a sequencing process. A keyboard synthesizer can create full musical scores within minutes if not hours. A lot of professional keyboards have become a staple in recording studios all over the world.

A typical bass synthesizer contains four to five oscillators, a wave-shaping module, envelope follower, LFO, and a compressor. Oscillators are responsible for creating the bass sounds that come from the main output of the synthesizer. Wave-shaping modules are used to modify the sound of the oscillators and also to control the overall volume of the instrument. An envelope follower is usually present on a MIDI keyboard and it helps the synthesizer to route the incoming signals to certain parameters.

Oscillators are typically found in the lower half of a speaker. You can find them being used in the keyboards of keyboards that have only one oscillator or even a synthesizer featuring up to 15 oscillators. There are different types of oscillator which can be used in a bass guitar synthesizer. Each type produces different sounds: wah, triangle, saw, noise, and box.

The wah is one of the most commonly found oscillators in a lot of popular music genres. This particular feature drives the functionality of this kind of keyboard. It lets you exert an even amount of pressure on the keys so as to vary the intensity of the sound that it generates. A lot of producers and musicians choose to use the wah controller in their keyboards because it's easy to use and requires just a few touch-ups and minor adjustments in its settings.

A lot of producers who specialize in creating rock music and other rhythm genre instruments also prefer the utilization of the triangle as a feature of their keyboards. This particular unit can create a ring tone that's similar to that produced by a bass synthesizer but it doesn't have the midi capability which is possessed by the latter. If you'll be playing a lot of live shows and if you're looking to impress your audience, you can opt to use a combination of both the wah and the triangle. A lot of bassists also prefer the sound like a guitar instead of that produced by a laptop.

The saw is another instrument which can be used as a feature of the bass synthesizer. This unit contains a variety of oscillators, which are responsible for the creation of various bass sounds. However, if you're going to utilize this particular instrument for producing heavy bass sounds, you need to learn how to control the waveforms and the levels which are produced. A lot of engineers have recently discovered this particular instrument's potential and it has already been widely utilized by a lot of producers.

One of the latest additions to the market is the Minitaur basssynth. This instrument is equipped with all of the features and functionalities which are usually found on an original bass station filter. In fact, a lot of electronic music artists have already incorporated the sound-production elements of this instrument in their own albums. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase one or to make use of an analog distortion effect, this instrument can truly produce a realistic and authentic tone.