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Some of the greatest blues musicians of all time are men who have gone on to become great blues singers. Some have even gone on to be legends themselves, like BB King and Stevie Wonder. They are a who a number of music historians consider to be among the first generation of "class icons". These include players like BB King and Stevie Wonder.

So which is the best blues singers? Well, there are a few names that immediately come to mind. These include songsmiths like BB King, Ella Mae Reese, and Mose Harrison. These are by no means the entire list, but they do belong in this group.

It should be noted that these are not necessarily the best known or most talented blues artists. That distinction usually goes to certain songwriters and musicians who make their own mark on the musical landscape. Blues musicians like Mose Harrison and Ella Mae Reese are much better known than some of the great blues performers that came before them. This is due primarily to the fact that they managed to stay alive long after the standard styles had largely died out.

Blues Guitar Playing Many of the early blues artists was also accomplished guitar players. In fact, they often had a reputation as being "tronics" players - using electric guitars as well as brass instruments like trombones. And while they would become known as guitar players, their roots as blues artists run deep.

Blues Music The origin of the blues can be traced back to the Afro-Cuban, black American slaves whose songs were being sung out in plantation homes throughout the South. As these songs developed, they became known as soul music. But as the movement developed into a true blues style, many free black Americans began to join in and create new material. Many of these new blues artists were known as "white" bluesmen.

Some of the most popular early "white" blues artists were also among the best-known blues musicians in history. Among these was Blind Willie McTell, who recorded many top hits including "I'm A Believer", "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" and "Blue Suede". He was also an innovator of several popular songs, including one with a fast pace and a country-blues flavor to it called "Blue Moon of Kentucky". His best-known album, Steely Dan's Standards, included several songs that still enjoy prominent status to this day. The band itself was named for John Martine's home in Upstate New York, where he wrote many of the songs.

Delta Blues Many of the early recordings by Delta Blues personnel were done on what is now known as "classical guitar." While the guitar played a large part in popularizing the style, the rhythm side of the songs was created and written by the bandleader, Hank Williams. Some of the most well-known recordings come from his time with the Delta Blues Band. Some of these are "ifter's Loop," "Dixieland Guitar" and his classic instrumental piece, "Mystery Train."

Louis Priscilla Is known as the "Guitar King of Rock and Roll" for his amazing guitar playing style that incorporated blues guitar licks, Louis Priscilla's music has become popular in the decades since its original release. Many musicians have taken turns featuring on the "LP" of his self-titled album, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy King, Boz Scaggs, and Eric Clapton. Some of the more popular tracks from this album include "Mystery Train", "Cocaine", "Mystery Train (Reprise)," and "Tears of Time." He later went on to record specials and duets with Cream's Eric Clapton, which resulted in four very popular albums, including two that were produced in the same year as "LP."