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Budget Studio Monitors

On Sale Now!Bestseller No. 1
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair) (E3.5)
  • 3.5-inch (89 mm) Kevlar® low-frequency transducer
  • High- and low-frequency tuning controls
  • Connects to virtually any line-level source
  • Offers consistent, and accurate listening
Bestseller No. 2
Mackie CR3-X Series 3" Studio Monitors (Pair) with Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio...
  • Professional studio-quality sound
  • Front-facing headphone jack auto-defeats speaker output
  • Flexible inputs - 1/4”, 1/8”, and RCA
  • 50 watts of clean, articulate stereo sound
Bestseller No. 3
PreSonus Eris E5 XT Pair 2-Way Studio Monitors with EBM Wave Guide Design and...
  • 5.25-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer
  • 1-inch (25 mm), ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducer and 102 dB maximum continuous SPL
  • Front-firing acoustic port for superior bass-frequency reproduction
  • Included with Studio One Prime and Studio Magic plug-in suite, over $1000 USD worth of music production software
Bestseller No. 4
KRK Classic 5 Professional Bi-Amp 5" Powered Studio Monitor (2 Speakers) Pair of XLR...
  • An incredibly versatile powered nearfield studio monitor great for any style of music
  • Soft-dome tweeter with optimized waveguide provides smooth pristine and articulate highs up to 35kHz
  • Lightweight glass-aramid composite woofer delivers clear midrange and tight bass
  • Flat low frequency adjustment adding versatility and improved accuracy for mixes that translate in different environments
Bestseller No. 5
Mackie CR3-X 3-Inch Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors Bundle with Pro Tools...
  • These Mackie CR3-X Studio Monitors come with all the manufacturer accessories and 1-year USA warranty along with a 6-piece bundle which includes PRO TOOLS FIRST DAW music editing software, Mackie...
  • Studio-quality design, sound and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment
  • Professional-grade components for optimized sonic performance.1/8 inches to stereo RCA cable to connect computer output to speakers
  • Ultra-wide frequency range perfect for full-range multimedia (80 Hz - 20 kHz)

Read More About Budget Studio Monitors

When setting up your first music studio, budget studio monitors should definitely be at the top of your list. You want to be able to listen to your music with clarity to make the right mixing and production choices. The truth is that not all music studio monitor brands are created equally. There is quite a wide array of styles and models available to choose from, which means it can be confusing when trying to decide what will work best for you. In this follow-up article, we're going to present you 5 of the most important budget studio monitors available.

This model is probably one of the most widely recommended budget studio monitors on the market, mainly because of its bass extension ability. The Parrot Zik Wireless Stereo Headphone amplifier allows for an adjustable level of bass. So, regardless of whether you're working in a small area or in a large, sound-producing room, you can boost the bass level for extra impact.

There are several pros and cons associated with this model. For starters, there is the fact that this model has Bluetooth connectivity. As we just mentioned, wireless speakers are really becoming popular, and the Parrot Zik Wireless Stereo Headphones are definitely a good option when looking for wireless alternatives. However, Bluetooth connectivity also means there is no wires involved, which is a big plus. Of course, this also means that this unit cannot be used in larger rooms where wires would be a problem. However, for smaller studio monitors, this might work out perfectly.

When comparing this model to others in the same price range, there are several factors you should take into consideration. First, it offers a relatively large sound output, which is about three times as loud as the most expensive models on the market today. While not as exciting as some of the other options on the market, the fact still remains that the watt power does increase.

The second pro is that it has a solid build quality. In fact, it is the only monitor speakers manufacturer that utilizes fiberglass woofer cones. This eliminates the need for rubber surround speakers which tend to produce lower frequencies. Another advantage to the woofer cones is that they create less distortion, allowing for a cleaner sound. It is for these reasons that these speakers are often called "dynamic" monitors and are favored over other types of monitor speakers.

Finally, it has great sound quality. In fact, many audiophiles consider these speakers to be among the best available in the marketplace. If you have a stereo or home theater system and are looking for a pair of studio monitors, this could very well be an option. While it has been said by many that these speakers produce sound that is much better than the majority of competing products, a few individuals do have difficulty hearing the high frequencies with many of these speakers.

But, all things considered, these speakers are amongst the best on the market. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. A person can get something fairly small to large for their needs. For those that have a need for excellent sound, there is not a product out there that comes close to what these speakers do. Many consumers that use these speakers with their home theater systems state that the sounds are far more true to life, as if you were actually in the actual environment.

Perhaps the best feature of all about these speakers is that it also features a tweeter. A tweeter is used to help amplify the sounds produced by the woofer. These speakers are often used in conjunction with the woofer since the tweeter is not on its own. Therefore, it can add a third dimension to the sound produced. While the overall quality of the sound might not be as great as what one would get from a full range loudspeaker, it is still a very good deal.