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Desktop Microphone

Shure MX412D/S Supercardioid Condenser Microphone, 12" Gooseneck, Desktop Base with...
  • Desktop Base with 10' Cable, Logic Functions, Programmable Switch, LED Indicator, Snap-Fit Foam Windscreen
  • Programmable on/off switch and LED on/off indicator
  • New brighter LED improves visibility under strong ambient lighting
  • Logic input and output terminals for remote control or use with automatic microphone mixers

Read More About Desktop Microphone

A desktop microphone is generally a type of microphone usually used in large school classrooms and conferences. The other name for it is "stereo microphone." As the name implies, a desktop microphone is used on the desktop but can also be an external microphone also mounted on a table in conference rooms. It is more commonly used for studio recordings. This is because the boom microphone cannot be moved around that much while at the same time maintaining good sound quality.

Most modern desktop microphones have built-in sound card and manual cable. But if you need to connect it to your personal computer through the USB port then it is recommended to get a separate sound card and cable to help you connect it properly. Note though that most professional equipments have separate sound cards and cables for microphones. You just have to check out which sound card and cable is included in your computer.

There are many advantages of using a desk top microphone such as durability, affordability, and compatibility. The built-in sound card with most desktop microphones is very easy to install. Just check out the specifications and follow the instructions. Most of them are compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Another major advantage of using a desktop microphone is its functionality and durability. These days most modern desktop microphones are made using high performance techniques. There are various models and designs of these microphones available in the market. Some of these models are specifically designed for specific applications such as call center microphones, dictation microphones, monitoring microphones and live performance microphones.

One of the most important characteristics of a desktop microphone is its noise cancellation. With the noise cancellation feature, it is easy to transmit voices over long distances without interference from external noises. Some of the commonly used microphones include Dragon Naturally Speaking, Rose microphone, and Rodeo microphone. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a tabletop microphone that has a built-in power amplifier and cardioid microphone. It also has a programmable button and an easy-to-use control panel.

A third major advantage of desktop microphones is its flexibility. This type of microphone can be used with different types of devices including computer keyboards, headphones, microphones with headset jacks, USB microphones, and more. And due to its built-in condenser microphone, you can also use this type of microphone in studio applications such as recording music.

A fourth advantage of a desktop microphone is its flexibility in terms of connectivity. You can connect it to your computer through USB or FireWire port. However, it also has the capability to work well with different types of headset as well as wireless headsets. Some other examples of other devices that can work well with a desktop microphone include hearing aid and hearing devices.

Fifthly, you can find a lot of flexibility when it comes to working range and comfort. Most modern desktop microphones are equipped with padded speakers so that you can get the best performance and sound quality. Moreover, these microphones are equipped with rubber ear cups for excellent comfort. Another good thing about most modern wireless microphones is noise cancellation. When using them, there will be no background sounds that can interfere with your working range.

For those people who are still on the traditional side, you can consider buying a simple shure cardioid condenser microphone. These days, these are commonly used by professionals to ensure that they can get the perfect sound and output from their device. Basically, a cardioid microphone works by picking up the sound of the person speaking and then amplifying it. This is different from a noise canceling microphone which works by filtering the ambient noise in order to reduce the sound of the person speaking. However, there is a huge difference in terms of sound quality.

Last but not the least, most modern computers are already equipped with software which can recognize your voice and allow you to control the volume through its touch pad. There are advanced speech recognition programs which can read text, play music, record videos, play your favorite audio files and even play your favourite greetings or jokes. The built-in speech recognition technology in most computers allows you to control all your devices through a single command. These modern computers are also usually bundled with high-end digital voice recorders which will allow you to record your own voice for a more personal touch.

If you want to take your recording to another level, you can actually purchase a noise filter which works similarly to the built-in noise reduction feature found in your computer. There are three popular types of noise filters in the market: manual, automatic, and programmable button. The built-in noise filter function is great if you're working on a very noisy environment, but you may want to purchase an additional programmable button so that you can control the volume of the sound card according to the room. However, keep in mind that you need a good sound card and a good microphone in order to make your recording professional enough.