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Dj Mixing Board

Numark M2 - 2-Channel Scratch DJ Mixer, Rack Mountable with 3-Band EQ, Microphone...
  • Versatile, Feature Packed DJ Mixer for Beginners and Pros Alike – Two-channel DJ scratch mixer featuring must-have mix essentials for any DJ setting, from weddings to clubs, parties to practice...
  • Connectivity Covered – Two phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA) and mic (1/4-inch) inputs, plus master (RCA), record (RCA) and headphone (1/4-inch stereo) Outputs
  • Mix Control - Two channels outfitted with a replaceable crossfader, dedicated channel level faders plus reverse and slope controls
  • The Perfect Mix - Three-band EQs on each channel and convenient crossfader style cueing; Connectivity for DJ turntables, CD players, Media Players and more

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Are you planning on purchasing a new DJ mixing board? Are you interested in using DJ mixers in your setup? Well, if you are, then you should read this article right away. It will give you the basic information regarding the two types of mixers available on the market.

First and foremost, it is important to know that there really are two, although similar, kinds of DJ mixing boards available on the market today. On one hand, all-in-one units are constructed with multiple input sources including CD players, a mixer, and a turntable. On the other hand, the more modular approach allows you to incorporate DJ equipment components such as headphones, speakers, a mic, and even a computer into a single system. The all-in-one type of system allows the beginner dj to plug-in various pieces of equipment into a basic DJ mixer that can handle both turntable and CD playing. This particular design is very convenient for the beginner because the system can be customized to accurately replicate each component's operational parameters.

Both all-in-one and modular DJ mixing boards have two different kinds of outputs: left and right. In addition to the two different outputs, each unit will also come equipped with what is known as "xlr" outputs. These are basically control inputs that send the appropriate sound file to the appropriate monitor. Usually, the two differ only by the number of inputs a unit has.

Aside from the two different kinds of outputs, each unit comes complete with a variety of controls. These controls are typically knobs and buttons. Some mixers will include volume and tone controls, but most will not. Even if your dj mixing board does have an audio interface, most models will only allow you to select a basic set of knobs and buttons.

What do these knobs and buttons mean? They simply designate which input or output the unit will use. For instance, the numark m6 USB mixer is compatible with the majority of common home studio software applications. By compatibility, this means that it can be used to play, and record music, as well as edit and mix it. If you are a beginner and would like to become familiar with the many possibilities presented by a DJ mixer, then a numark m6 is a great choice.

One of the major advantages of using a DJ mixer is the fact that it is a sound recording studio. Think about how many times you have entered a professional looking recording studio and wanted to change some of the sounds on the board. Usually, the only thing available is the knobs and buttons for selecting different sounds. This limits your options to what the DJ is capable of doing. A good studio will allow you to turn up the volume and even listen to recordings through a speaker system (though usually through headphones). This is definitely something that you won't be able to achieve with a portable mixer like the numark m6.

The final big advantage to a DJ mixing board is the fact that it allows you to create your own custom PA system. As said above, a good one will allow you to listen to recordings through a speaker system, as well as play and adjust the levels on the knobs and buttons. However, what if you want to mix your own songs? Well, this isn't possible when using a computer as there are no sound channels, thus you will need an external device such as a sound card or mixer to accomplish this. However, by using a high quality dj mixer such as the numark m6 USB, you can mix your songs and have a DJ that is virtually indistinguishable from a professional.

Overall, the use of a DJ mixing board in a home recording studio environment is highly useful. It makes mixing down a breeze, as there are so many functions. Furthermore, by buying a quality unit, you will not need to spend additional money on additional sound equipment such as a microphone, because the quality of the sound produced by a DJ mixer is excellent. By considering these important features, you should be able to determine if a DJ console is right for your home studio.