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Electric Keyboard

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RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard with Interactive LCD Screen & Includes...
  • This RockJam keyboard piano features 54 full size keys that gives this keyboard a traditional piano feel
  • Compact and portable the RockJam 54 keyboard piano can be powered by either batteries and mains power (power supply included.) making it perfect for use both in the home and on the road
  • Two Inbuilt stereo speakers provide excellent sound quality allowing you to monitor your practice and performances
  • The sheet music stand is perfect for supporting either sheet music or tablet devices so you can read music or follow tuition as you play

Read More About Electric Keyboard

An electric keyboard, acoustic keyboard, or virtual keyboard is simply an electronic, digital, or synthesized derivative of acoustic keyboards. Although it was developed about forty years ago, the concept has changed a lot since then. The most recent innovations have been the implementation of a variety of additional features and functions via software, and increased durability and reliability. There are many models and brands available. The price range is extremely wide, from relatively inexpensive to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The quality varies depending on the type of circuitry used, the available hardware, its interface with other electronic equipment, and quality of craftsmanship.

Casio has been in the musical instrument producing business for many years, beginning with the original " CPS" synthesizer. Casio first designed and developed the trusted and popular Casio Portable Keyboard, a simple but highly effective instrument for the traveler. A few short years later Casio developed the original digital piano, which remains a favorite among professionals. In addition, Casio continues to develop innovative products such as the popular SD, SDHC, and SDP series.

An electric keyboard or virtual piano uses a series of keys arranged in a specific order to produce different piano keys, for legato playing and other string-oriented music. At the most basic level, a virtual piano uses one arm and one finger for each fret. This feature makes it convenient for producing "dumb" (closed-position) keys. Some models use a series of keys that are simultaneously pressed, resulting in twelve arms and twelve fingers. The most advanced and expensive models have up to thirteen keys or eighty-four keys in parallel.

A typical Casio keyboard instrument offers some features common to many musical instruments: volume control, tone control, treble and bass response, pitch control, bass portamento, and so on. The design of most modern Casio pianos includes a textured top, a rounded body, and a sharp, squared neck. In addition, casio takes advantage of new technology by including the usage of GYRO motion (which is similar to the operation of an old rotary piano bench) to increase dynamics and to provide a realistic feel of a real piano. The result is that Casio pianos have a realistic acoustic sound quality.

When you purchase an electric keyboard or virtual piano, it will have many advantages over traditional acoustic styles. For instance, digital pianos have a wide range of sounds available. Because they are digital, they can reproduce the full range of sounds created on a grand, upright, or smaller keyboard. This gives them a distinct advantage over traditional portable pianos, which have limited sounds and cannot reproduce high-end sounds.

One advantage that a digital piano or an electric keyboard has over an acoustic piano is its high end acoustic feel. Acoustic pianos tend to be very light in texture and do not have the same "give." This feel can be deceiving, as an acoustic piano has a smooth and tight feel when it comes to the keys and the response of the strings. A digital piano responds more like a keyboard would to a musician's touch. When you play an electric keyboard or an electronic keyboard, you are able to feel the strings give off a nice feedback and the response of the drum kit, the vocals, and the percussion's.

However, a big disadvantage to a digital piano or an electric keyboard is that it is much easier to damage than an acoustic grand piano. Often younger children pick up the wrong technique and damage the instrument. It is also much more difficult to adjust the action of these instruments than an acoustic piano. An acoustic grand piano can be easily adjusted in tune by tightening or loosening the fret. An electronic keyboard can be made manually adjusted but it is more difficult to achieve a consistent pitch.

There are many models of electronic keyboards on the market today. Yamaha offers several different models such as the CTS, PT, SAT, and WA keyboards. Each of these models uses a unique function to make playing a piano easier. Whether a beginner just starting out or an advanced player looking for a pianos that is weighted for optimum comfort and tone, there are several models of Yamaha pianos that will fit the needs of any individual.