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The Best Electronic Drum Set For Beginners

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Anyone who has ever tried to play the drums will almost instantly admit to two things: drums are loud. And since the noise generated through samples is basically created via electronics, you always get pitch-perfect, no matter where you happen to be. That is not the only advantage: the cheapest electronic drum kit usually costs a fraction of what a real drum kit costs.

One of the advantages of this kind of electronic drum kit for beginners is that the hardware is so simple and intuitive that it is easy to start playing and improvising immediately. The hardware consists of three main elements: cymbals, tom-tom-guitar (or "voice" cymbal) rack-mount keyboards, and drum pads. The cymbals are the most noticeable part of the drum kit. Their noise is the result of their hollow metal cones and heavy bodies. A typical electronic drum set will come with five cymbals. Tom-tom cymbals, on the other hand, can be incorporated in a multi-kit as an addendum to the main kit.

The next element in a typical electronic drum set for beginners is the drum pad. This pad is made of rubber or plastic and is placed on the floor, usually by means of a long piece of rope. This is not your ordinary beginner drum kit. There are several types of pads available nowadays, from the ultra-modernistic hi hats and cymbals, to the most retro, traditional feel of acoustic drums. As you'll probably guess, there's also a lot of variety in price. But this is also sort of irrelevant - your goal is to get started with electronic music production, not build a million and a half dollar drumset.

Next up are the pedals, and sometimes these are just pedals again, but different ones. But what makes them different? Well, if you're a rock drumming fan, your approach might be different than that of the lead guitarist in the garage band. The lead guitar player might play with one single pedal, while the lead drummers may play with several different ones, each playing a different sound.

So what should you look for in electronic drums for beginners? To start, the kit must have several interesting types of sounds. The most important thing is that each sound must interact well with each other, complementing each other. A common problem in many its is to have two or more drums playing different notes at once, clipping the sounds together, making it difficult to hear the individual drums.

The next thing you need to be careful about is the dynamics of the kit. Sometimes the digital electronic drum kit will have a lot of "pops" and bumps when you hit certain cymbals, which can be annoying. You don't want to accidentally hit the snare drum and cause it to pop because this is going to ruin your entire drum set!

Another thing that you will want to pay attention to is the type of sound processing. If you want to become a complete beginner, you'll probably want some kind of pad that lets you alter sounds, so you can get a more diverse sound. Some people love to use virtual instruments to make their own sound effects. This may not be possible for a new kit, but for a more experienced drumist you can get some great sound mixing abilities from one of the pro equipment packages.

Something else that you want to be sure to get in your electronic drum kit is a foot pedal. A foot pedal will allow you to play other songs without having to fiddle around with the drum kit sounds. Some people use these to make percussion sounds, and they are a great thing to have. If you can find one that sounds great you won't be stuck playing percussion again!