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The Best Epiphone Les Paul

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The Epiphone Les Paul guitar is basically a re-mastered version of the much loved Gibson Les Paul guitar that has been known for decades. Epiphone is largely a subsidiary of Gibson guitar Corporation and produces the Les Paul model and various other less expensive models in a less costly region in Asia. A less expensive model is not necessarily bad, as there are many great Epiphone instruments that don't break the bank.

The Epiphone Les Paul guitar has a classic, heavy tonewood combined with a neck that is extremely sharp. On the whole, it's a solid guitar that takes away much of the grain on top of the soundboard making it rich and full sounding. One feature that is unique about the Epiphone Les Paul are its headstocks. These are actually made of a single piece of wood with metal posts on each side. They're finished in a slightly unusual dark blue tinted finish, which gives them a distinctive style.

If you'd like a free sample of the new Les Paul Electric guitar template message set that features the Epiphone Les Paul, you'll be able to download it here. This template message was designed by famous guitarist and bass player, John Entwistle. To date it remains the greatest tutorial and manual on electric guitar out there. In addition to this it contains two bonus songs, a collection of solo guitar parts and an extended audio track - all for just one price. You can learn how to play the song, the chords and the rhythm with the tutorial. You also receive two additional audio clips that demonstrate playing a riff from the song - the first one with the lyrics and the second one with the melody.

Epiphone Les Paul Guitars have some innovative features and one of these is what's called "burstbuckers". What are burstbuckers? An additional body piece is placed on top of the main body of the guitar. By using the Les Paul amplifier it's possible to get double sound effects and yet only one piece of wood has to be used. If the Les Paul amplifier is used without the burstbuckers, then it only produces one sound.

Are you a fan of Les Paul himself? If you are, then you should really learn how to remove this template message from your Epiphone. It's a one of a kind guitar effect that can only be heard on the Les Paul models. The Les Paul Model is without doubt the most well know guitar model of all time. You can change your guitar effect and transform your guitar into something truly original! Want to hear this effect for yourself?

A big advantage about Les Paul guitars are the humbucker pickups. These humbucker pickups enable you to use a variety of sounds like lead, rhythm, and even alternate picking. The best place to find a Les Paul model with humbucker pickups is online auction sites. There are many amazing auctions happening every day with great deals on these humbucker pickups so go ahead and pay the low auction price to get a hot looking Epiphone Les Paul or Gibson Les Paul with humbucker pickups.

Even with the limitations of this signature model, the Epiphone Les Paul custom models remain a favorite with many guitar enthusiasts. If you really want to make your guitar a one of a kind instrument, you can always have your guitar personalized with your desired signature style. You will have a hard time finding a better priced guitar model with the same signature features available for less.

Another great way to own an Epiphone Les Paul guitar is by purchasing a replica. There are several great companies that make replicas of this popular model including the original Epiphone craftsmen at G Recording. These guitars are designed to sound exactly like the real Les Paul which is why they have become so popular with guitar players. The original Les Paul Guitars are very expensive and not many can afford them yet. Replica guitars are quite reasonable and are usually a great investment.