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Epiphone Riviera

In late 2021, a new guitar company launched an acoustic guitar called the Riviera. Designed by the legendary musician, Les Claypool, the Riviera was an all new guitar that took all of the features of the classic guitars from the '60s and '70s, and improved upon them. It also had a light weight feel and a great playing tone. Within a few months of its release it became one of the most popular acoustic guitars on the market.

So what's so good about the Riviera? The main selling point of this guitar is the durability of its design. Although it's made out of a solid wood, it is extremely durable and is capable of playing and handling heavy loads. There are two main kinds of Epiphone Riviera guitars - the classical model and the "modern" series. Although there are also models which combine both styles.

As mentioned above, one of the unique features of the Riviera series is its use of mini-humbuckers. Mini-humbuckers are electronic pickups placed close to the sound hole of a guitar which are extremely versatile and effective when used in conjunction with the onboard electronic amplifier. Because the mini-humbuckers are so small, they can sit almost anywhere in the guitar, from the headstock to the tailpiece, and there are a number of different types of pickups available for use with these pickups. Basically, the Riviera is an instrument which allows the musician the freedom to choose what type of pickup and amp suits his or her specific needs best.

What are humbucker pickups? Essentially, they are semi-conductor microphones which are biased in such a way that they have stronger magnetic fields than regular single-coil pickups. When a signal is fed into the humbucker, it cuts off the high frequencies and lets the lower tones float throughout the entire tone spectrum. So basically, humbucker guitars are used for mostly heavy metal music which features a lot of attack and distortion. They can also be used in conjunction with electric guitars if the guitarist wants to create that "twangy" sound.

There are a few models of the Riviera custom featuring the epiphone brand as well as Bigsby guitars and Korg electronic instruments. The obvious reason why an individual would want to purchase one of these guitars is because it's simply one of a kind. The Riviera custom is one of only a handful of hand made creations using the exact same technology and design as the Bigsby line, which is evident by the company's trademark logo. The fact that it is one of a kind and was designed and engineered by the very people who created the original Bigsby makes it even more special.

Another reason to buy an Riviera Custom is the amount of attention it receives from other guitar players. Not only is it a highly unique guitar model, but it is also one of the most popular. One of the primary reasons why there are so many epiphone models on the market is because they all use similar parts and provide similar tonal qualities. Many guitar players prefer them because it takes away some of the hassle of switching out their current pickups for a new one when it becomes worn out or damaged. Some also prefer the solid wood body of the Riviera over the epiphone models since it looks much more natural.

In addition to being one of the more popular epiphone models, the Riviera also has a few extra features that set it apart from its competitors. One of these is its use of a single-coil pickup rather than dual-coil models. Although most guitar players agree that dual-coil pickups provide superior sound and increased versatility, many consider a single-coil pickup to be superior on the Riviera simply because it sounds so clean and crisp, almost devoid of noise. This is in addition to the benefit that a single-coil pickup can provide such as allowing a greater amount of tone diversity.

The Epiphone Riviera also differs from the original Bigsby in that it uses a hollow body guitar design. Hollow body guitars provide the guitar player with a greater amount of freedom because it eliminates many of the metal parts which can become stripped during normal use. Another advantage the hollow body design provides is increased durability. Since the body is hollow, it is much less likely to crack and break under normal conditions. It also makes it easier for the guitar player to change the pickups from single-coil to dual-coil or humbucker setups.