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Fender Stratocaster - A Brief History

Solidbody electric guitar with one single-piece neck construction. The Fender Stratocaster, also called the Strat, is an acoustic model of electric bass guitar designed by Leo Fender, Bill Carson, George Fender and Freddie Tavares in early 1952. The Fender Stratocaster has consistently been made by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation ever since. Though it has changed slightly through the years (staying true to the original Strat design), it retains the unique Stratocaster guitar sound.

The body of the Fender Stratocaster is made of two-piece maple neck and the body is finished with oily acrylic lacquer or Sunburst lacquer. A two-piece neck allows it to be used as a regular electric guitar and fitted with pickguards and ferrules that can be glued on to a standard neck stock. The Stratocaster has a shallow truss rod and large bolt-on body corners. It uses the same "pebble-head" head profile as other Strat models.

The standard Stratocaster has six single-coil pickups. Other models have a humbucker at the bridge which is wired to one single-coil Stratocaster pickups, a tone control with volume and tone knobs, a tremolo bar, and either a blade humbucker or a single coil tremolo. The twelve string guitar has a special nut and saddle made by Fender for the single-coil Stratocaster. The twelve string guitar also contains two vintage-style whammy bars. The electronics are housed in a black ash body.

The body of the Fender Stratocaster features three chrome-plated gold plated magnets. There are also silver-plated magnets. A push-piece is included with the guitar for tuning. This model uses the Fender Tune-Bore and tremolo system.

The basic design of the Fender Stratocaster keeps it looking very traditional with a round neck shape and a rectangular body. Occasionally there are even a couple of waves on the top. One difference between the Stratocaster and other models of strats is the shape of the headstock. The headstock of a Fender Strat has been sanded and alder cut to precision, much like a shingle roof.

In addition to alder on the front of the Fender Stratocaster's headstock, the wood is painted a light gray. Many early Stratocasters had a white sunburst on the side of the neck, but many later models do not. The guitar's body is made of a thick nylon strap over a heavy brass neck. Fender has used various shapes and styles of guitar strings, but their basses tend to have the aluminum frets. Fender recommends using medium gauge strings. The bridge on the Fender Stratocaster also features two chrome-plated metal posts that are visible when the strap is adjusted.

The middle pickups in the Fender Stratocaster are located in the area between the sound hole and the pickup in the bridge. Unlike the bridge, which is actually part of the body, the middle pickups are actually mounted on the edges of the neck. The magnets which hold the magnet in place in the middle of the guitar are attached to these posts. The Fender Stratocaster uses what is known as humbucker pickups, but they are different than most guitars which use single coil pickups. The Stratocaster utilizes two magnets for its humbucker pickups rather than one.

When comparing guitars, you'll notice that Fender produces not only the classic Stratocaster but a much wider range of models, including the Deluxe, Vintage, and Sunburst Stratocasters. All of these models use the same styling and have been designed to perform well. The biggest difference between the Stratocaster and other models is the guitar's body style. A Stratocaster is generally considered to be a "probational" guitar, because it makes use of finger picking. However, many guitarists who play the instrument casually claim that the Stratocaster is very pleasurable to play because of its distinctive sound.