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The Best Gig Lighting

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What Are the Characteristics of Gig Lighting?

Ultimate gig lighting power, flexibility and convenience is now packed in to a small, highly mobile and robust unit known as the 'GigBAR'. The revolutionary new state of the art design of the GigBAR has been inspired by the design of concert halls. It makes for an easy to use lighting solution for small gigs and events without compromising on light quality and performance features.

In addition to the ease of use, gig lights are a great value for money as they are an extremely compact, lightweight and portable solution. The unique innovative design of the gigbar move makes it very easy to store and transport when not in use. The innovative side light of the gig bar move is perfect for adding a touch of light and extra dazzle to your stage or practice room. This flexible design also makes it possible to move the unit from one place to another with ease, and provides a huge amount of comfort as well.

The total system is designed to supply total light and sound quality with the most innovative motion technology. Professional sound and visual systems are combined into one compact and highly functional unit that is easy to transport. Its sleek design makes it possible to store the system when not in use and easily transfer it to a new venue with ease. You will find that the gig bar has become a favorite at parties and other events.

The fact that it does not take up much space and can be transported easily makes it more popular among users. It also contains various other advanced features to enhance and support the overall performance of the equipment. You can easily set up a new show and add a new dimension to the show by adding one of these versatile lighting solutions. The ultimate gig lighting convenience, flexibility and power is packed into gigbar move, a 5-in-1 lighting solution that contains moving heads, spotlights, washes, a laser and strobe effect pre-moved on a single unit.

This system can be used as an electronic music storage system that adds depth to your shows by creating a virtual recording studio. This is made possible with the addition of an Effects Loop with two modes - "Loop/Unwind". It can be controlled with a standard MIDI keyboard. The built-in compressor ensures your signals are compressed. The built-in microphone lets you monitor the performance at any time. You can connect the unit to an effects loop or connect it to a sound board.

The gigbar 2 in a box is designed for huge coverage and dynamic light. It is capable of producing over 150 lumens. The high powered and lightweight portable and detachable fixture can be used on almost any venue. It comes with three standard channels and four unique effects that ensure your show looks the way you need it to.

This is compatible with the gig bar 2 in a box so you have maximum versatility and effective performance. The built-in effect ensures your show looks the way you want it to. It's powerful and flexible for any application. The high-powered lighting with five unique effects allows you to create dazzling lighting schemes with the touch of a button. It can adjust as required for any situation.

The LED technology helps you to achieve the most from your show. The compact design is perfect for venues where space is limited. The two m (per head) feature is suitable for medium to large sized events. The footswitch and remote control allow you to manage the display with ease - simple push and pull of switch enables switching between effects.

You can manage the brightness, colour temperature and direction of light from the built-in footswitch. The slim design is great for venues that do not require a full floor or more walls. The slim design makes it possible for you to add a second unit without any additional structural changes to the room. With a built-in footswitch and two m (per head) feature, you get to manage the brightness, colour temperature and direction of light from just one single unit.

The two m (per head) unit comes with a built-in footswitch, which allows you to switch between effects with ease. The remote control and footswitch allow you to control the intensity, brightness and direction of light from remote locations. If you are planning an event, then the Gig Light would be the best choice for you. It gives you all the features and benefits that come along with professional lighting systems, without the price tag.