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The Importance of Guitar Pickups For Your Guitar

Guitar pickups are an indispensable part of the guitar player's equipment. Without them, playing the guitar would be impossible. At times the guitar seems so easy that one can just strum away and the tunes will flow endlessly without any effort at all. While this may be true for some, there are others who have to exert effort in learning how to play the guitar and then go through all the pain of playing it without picking up a string. This is where the guitar pickup comes in.

It has been said that the invention of the pickup as such paved the way for the creation of music itself. Before humans can actually create music they have to learn the techniques of playing music. This is where pickups come into the picture. They allow the guitarist to play without having to actually strum the strings on his guitar.

There are many types of guitar pickups available today. In fact, today's technology allows them to be as complex in their designs as they can possibly get. Here are some examples of the more common types:

Spring guitar pickups are usually used by beginning guitarists who are just learning to play the guitar. They give you the opportunity to play without even taking your guitar out of your case. All you need to do is tune the strings using your guitar's Tune-O Meter. Once the strings are tuned, you can easily take your guitar out of your case and strum them. Many people use these types of guitar pickups for jazz guitar.

Cocktail guitar pickups are used by the guitar player who likes to play blues guitar solos. Unlike spring guitar picks, cocktail picks are more durable and provide more resistance to the strings. This makes it harder for the strings to slip. This type of guitar pickup can also be used for fingerpicking styles of playing the guitar.

The bulkier Jupiter guitar pickups are the more popular types. They are more secure when fitted to the guitar and give a better tone. However, they don't quite fit in with everyone's style of playing the guitar. The Jupiter guitar pickups tend to sound better when played by live musicians and are not suited well for studio work. On the other hand, the J pickups can be used in both situations because they can be fitted to a wide variety of guitars. Many professional guitar players like the Jupiter pickups because they are highly effective and give a good tone.

Light weight guitar pickups are the least expensive ones. They are made of plastic and give a good tone but are not extremely secure. Since they are light, they can be carried around without causing much strain on the guitar's back and neck.

No matter which type of guitar pickup you use, remember that you need to keep it in tune at all times. While most professional guitar players can keep their guitar pickups in tune for several months, they have to tune them regularly to keep their tunes. As you get used to playing guitar, keep tuning your guitar pickups so that you can achieve better tones.

You have to use a good quality guitar pickup so that the strings do not break after a while. Badly tuned pickup can lead to damaged strings and even lead to the complete breaking of the strings. If you intend to take your guitar onto the road, choose a pick up that is heavy so that you do not break the strings when carrying it on long roads. Also, choose a guitar pickup with a large coil for a deep bass sound. For instance, if you are going to play in a club, get a 6 String guitar pickup so that the sound is thumping and loud.

If you are planning to buy a guitar pickup, go to your music store. There you will find all the supplies you need. Before you buy a guitar pickup, decide what kind of sound you want from your guitar pickup. If you need something that is more portable and easy to carry around, go for the mini types.

Guitar pickups help make the sounds of your guitar heard over other instruments in a band. It helps enhance the sound of the instrument, as well as the sound of the player. This is because the guitarist needs to play close to the microphones mic stand or PA system. With good guitar pickups, you can be sure that everyone hears his own instrument. To get the best sound from your guitar pickups, always keep them clean.