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A headphone amplifier is a low-powered electrical device used to drive loudspeakers in or behind the ears, rather than loudspeakers mounted in conventional speaker enclosures. Headphones mounted in the head box (the box enclosing the speaker) produce a tremendous amount of diffraction and dispersion problems. It is common for the human ear to fall back towards the headbox once the loudspeakers have been stimulated. In addition to this problem a thin film of plastic called the diaphragm can be lifted by the movement of the head, thus causing further loss of sound and increased bass response. The head's position has a profound effect on the response of any speaker so it is advisable to place your speakers carefully and follow the recommended positioning guidelines.

There are many types of headphone amplifiers available. One such model is the portable one. These generally have a built in volume knob which you can program to increase the volume of the sound card when it is switched on. A headphone amp with an integrated volume knob can also be used to control other computer applications which require head set up to turn the volume up and down.

Many professional computer users prefer to use portable headphone amplifiers. These are perfect for people who want to listen to their music without being disturbed by others. Some types of portable amplifiers have extra features like an auto shut off switch, which automatically shuts the unit off when there is no longer sound from the speakers. There are also models that have a remote control unit. These models allow the user to adjust the volume of the headphone amplifier and play other audio files without having to use the remote. Remote controls are very useful if you want to use your headphone amplifier on your lap or arm.

Headphone amplifiers usually connect the output of the signal or stereo audio signal to at least two different inputs. The most common type of input is a line in which the signal travels from the headphone amplifier to the speaker. Sometimes a speaker input is also present. This is commonly seen on high-end headphones. Most high-endend headphones have inputs for both Line In and Line Out. The advantage of using multiple inputs is that you can adjust the volume of your headphone amplifier as needed without changing the signal that is being fed to the speakers.

There are basically two types of headphone amplifiers-an analog one or a digital one. The analog one uses a circuit to convert the analog signal to use the analog voltage. There is a demodulation circuitry built in the amplifier, which reduces the noise that is created during the transfer of the signal. This reduces distortion to a minimum. However, this type of headphone amplifier tends to produce lower volume levels and requires a lower signal to produce high-volume audio effects.

Digital headphone amplifiers use digitally processed electronics to alter the voltage signal and change the current into a higher level. This is done by detecting the change in level and alters the current. The advantage of using digital output is that it produces better audio quality and better volume levels.

The last type of headphone amplifier that we will discuss is the Floor standing type. These are the most popular of all headphone amplifiers. They have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, floor-standing units require more space and cost more than other types of headphone amplifiers.

A floor-standing unit basically means that all the components of the amplifier are connected directly to the speakers. So if you are looking for a better audio quality and better volume levels then you should go for a floor-standing unit. On the other hand, if your main purpose of buying a headphone amplifier is to connect many headphones then you may consider connecting the units via a line in. Some of these devices allow one to plug in multiple headphones at once, but with this feature comes a sacrifice in sound quality.