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The Best Hifi Speakers

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Buyer's Guide

How to Choose Hifi Speakers

Many people ask us what exactly is a high-end Hi Fi speaker? An answer to that question will vary depending on the style of music you are listening to. But from floor standing speakers to bookshelf Hi Fi speakers and even from sensitivity to driver placement, there are many factors to consider when you're on the hunt for the perfect HiFi speakers. Like all great things in life, it all comes down to research. No matter how good an iPod is, a CD player with poor sound quality can't hold a candle to a high-end multimedia system.

So you need to decide what type of Hi Fi speaker you want before you ever set foot into an audio store. If you're looking for a book shelf or floor standing speaker, you should stick with amplifiers that produce less than 100 watts (at least wattage). These amps are also called full range amps because they perform well regardless of the source and unlike many subwoofers, they don't need a crossover with the amplifier to handle the sound coming from the front speakers. There are a few different types of amplifiers that you might want to check out, but the most popular ones are usually categorized in one of three ways:

Ceiling speakers are mounted high above the listeners' heads, either on walls or on a platform. These are the more traditional style and work perfectly with a regular book shelf, although you should make sure you have room to install a ceiling speaker if you plan on doing this. A ceiling speaker is great if you are going to be listening to music while watching TV, as it will take up the majority of the room without consuming any energy at all. Ceiling speakers are also the best option for those who have airplay systems, as they allow the music to reach the users ears much farther away than speakers with a conventional speaker design. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some high quality audio to your home, consider an airplay 2 speakers system.

Airplay 2 speakers are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, allowing you to use any sort of audio source with them. Because the amplifier is powered by the airplay itself, there is no need to concern yourself with poweramp issues, although you may wish to install an amp to ensure you get the highest quality audio stream possible. There is no reason why you cannot install a high-quality amp alongside your airplay speakers if you so desire, and there are even some excellent multi-amp models available. Many of these are quite reasonably priced, and can often be found in department stores such as Walmart or Target.

Ceiling speakers are the perfect candidates for hifi. Since hifi utilizes the same principles that you find with wireless internet, the signal travels up and down both cables, so you can easily place your hifi speaker system where you want it to go. Many hifi systems also have line out port that you can plug in an audio source such as your laptop or ipod and enjoy music from your favorite internet application. For truly immersive sound, look into installing ceiling speakers, which offer much better sound reproduction than their floor model counterparts.

One of the most common types of hifi amplifiers is the bi-amp, which can handle all of your speakers and transmit the signal through several amplifiers. The bi-amp is also great for multiple speakers because it takes up very little room. These are typically available in small, medium, large sizes, and usually use constant state circuit (CCA) constant voltage amplifiers. While this technology offers better sound quality than most of the smaller, lower power amps, the cost is much higher than the larger constant state circuit units. Some bi-amplifiers offer peak control, which is a feature found in few others, but not many.

One of the newest types of hifi speakers that has recently been released to the market is called the turntable. The turntable basically combines the functions of both the basic amp and a set of speakers. It allows the user to move up and down the unit and has an included phono input, allowing you to listen to your music directly from your speakers. The turntable usually comes with a built in volume control, so no external hardware is needed to provide the volume control.

Last but not least, another option is to use passive hifi speakers. These are great if you do not want to deal with an amplifier, but still want the ability to connect your speakers to your computer via an audio cable. The passive speakers will work just like your normal speakers except they will not actively use electricity and do not need an audio amplifier. If you are looking for something simpler, then you might consider passive speakers.