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The Best High Hats

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Buyer's Guide

The Pros and Cons of Hi-Hats

Why should you invest in high hats? What are the benefits of purchasing High Hats Music for your business? Should you just buy a few high hats for your company and be done with it? The truth is, you can build a whole team's reputation (and image) around a great logo by purchasing the right hats. In this Buyer's Guide, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of high hats for your music.

To start, high hats aren't just for men anymore! Drummers, bassists, and organizers now have the option of wearing a high hat made especially for them. There are four bars for the drumbeat in each side of each drum set, featuring an open face and two closed hats. This is referred to as a "closed hat pattern." Open faced hats have open faces and a metal plate covering the eye. Closed hats have either a band or a pointed edge surrounding the eye, forming a "raised eyebrow" look.

As mentioned above, high hats have four bars for their snare pattern. They can have single bars or double bars. A single high hat will produce a lower and higher pitched sound. Double high hats will produce a middle pitched sound and a high pitched sound. As you move up the scale, the sound becomes higher and the snare pattern changes. The higher notes will become more aggressive and the low notes will carry a light touch.

As far as musical purposes go, hi-hats are versatile and useful. They can be used for lead songs, rhythm guitar in a band, fills in jazz music, even for recording. They have a smooth action that produces a rich sound. Hi-hats can also be used on the cymbals to create a rich sound similar to a tom-boy drum. A hi-hat's action is similar to that of a ride cymbal but not as loose as on a ride cymbal. This allows the hi-hat to sound more realistic.

If a person were to play a meinl hi-hat and left it down for an entire day, it would still ring out with its distinctive musical effect. The length of the head and the diameter of the top pick up make a difference on the sound produced. The more plastic there is between the head and the pick up, the deeper the sound. I prefer a meinl hi-hat with about two inches of plastic between the head and the top pick up and about six inches for the diameter of the top pick up. A thicker head produces a deeper sound, while a thinner head produces a richer, more tonally accurate sound.

There are many reasons why some high hats are brighter sounding than others. A bright sound best Hi hats are made of a material such as nylon that has an acoustic curve similar to a cup. Nylon is the material most commonly used because of its high acoustic conductivity. An alternative to nylon, and another common reason for a bright sound, is polyester.

Polyester drums are very sensitive to playing techniques. Therefore, professional drummers tend to use hi-hats that produce a deep, dark tone. Low end hi-hats and single-coil drum pickups are also common in professional recordings. When selecting a hi-hat model, you want to select a model with a nice, large rim that produces a nice, dark tone and makes good contact with your snare pad. You'll also want a rim/pickup design that is durable enough to stand up to heavy use. Most professional drummers use at least three different sized rim picks up on their drums.

In conclusion, high hats can be a great addition to any drummer's kit. There are pros and cons to both of these sounds. While they don't come with the same benefits and drawbacks as bass drums and cymbals, their distinctive sound can be very useful when it comes to producing great music.