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The Best Home Stereo Systems With Turntable

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Buyer's Guide

Upgrade Your Stereo Systems With a Turntable

In this age of hi-fi home stereo systems, the ultimate must-have is a high-quality home stereo with a turntable. The latest models of home stereos come with many hi-fi features, but the look and feel of music from a home stereo system with a turntable is incomparable to any other. It offers a CD player, Bluetooth wireless technology, a USB input for various MP3 and WMA songs, a headphone output, radio, and even a retractable chord detector. Tremendous sound quality and compatibility options make this high-tech unit the ultimate in convenience.

Buyer Guide: A buyer's guide to home stereo systems with turntable is very important to understand the function of this sophisticated music system. This is especially useful for those who want to choose one based on its hi-fi features only. Most hi-fi turntables are enhanced with extra features that would give it a competitive edge against other home stereo systems with turntable. For instance, the latest hi-fi turntables have been designed with state-of-the-art circuitry and use top quality parts that are built to last for long.

Set Up: Most modern home stereo systems with turntable have easy set-up procedures. Usually, when you connect the audio player or the laptop to the unit, you need to plug the line-in wire into an unused 4-pin audio plug of the audio player. You can also connect the same wire to the headphone port. Then, place the stand or the cabinet where you are going to set up the unit on.

Bluetooth Technology: Most newer models of turntables and other audio and music systems with turntable have built in Bluetooth features. By using this Bluetooth feature, you can take your phone or a pair of phones that are wireless bluetooth headphones and use them to listen to your favorite music system or to play your favorite radio station. However, as the Bluetooth technology evolved, some home stereo companies have introduced Bluetooth-enable versions of their earlier models. So, there are now models of turntables that are Bluetooth-enabled. To check whether your particular model is compatible, you can check the box that comes with the unit.

Easy Set Up: Adding an audio cassette to your stereo system around your home isn't as difficult as you think. It is actually much easier than it was decades ago. Today, most models come with a pre-installed coaxial cable and an audio cassette adapter that allows you to record audio onto the audio cassette easily. The adapter is also USB ready and can be used with any laptop, iPad, iPhone or other similar portable devices.

Built-in Speakers: You can also choose to add built in speakers to your audio systems turntable. A built-in audio speakers can be found in a wide range of sizes and designs. For instance, there are small hand held speakers that you can place at your desk while watching your favorite TV program. And there are floor standing speakers for your home theater or music system that are about the same size as your average sized television.

Additional Features: Many modern audio systems have additional features such as iPod integration and bluetooth capabilities. For example, you can integrate your home theater or music system with your iPod or other wireless device and instantly enjoy your favorite music or your favorite TV shows from your portable media player. In addition, you can connect your home theater or sound system with your bluetooth devices and stream live television to your TV. Most of these additional features and functions can only be found on high end home theater and sound systems with Turntables. However, you can find some very sophisticated and advanced models that incorporate most if not all of the features and functions of these high end units.

Turntables with Attachments: If your system includes a soundbar or subwoofer then you may want to upgrade to a unit with a larger and powerful speaker. For example, for high fidelity sound you may need to upgrade your home theater or sound system to a model with larger and powerful speakers. On the other hand, an upgraded subwoofer may be all you need to take your home theatre experience to a higher level. Regardless of what upgrades you may want to make to your audio system, it is important to carefully measure each component to make sure that your upgrades will not void the warranty of your unit.