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The Best Ibanez Guitars

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If you are looking for guitars that scream "quality" and are also very affordable, then Ibanez Guitars is the brand for you. Ibanez has carved a niche for itself as one of Japan's leading guitar brands. Based from Tokyo, Aichi, Japan, Hoshino Gakki was one of the very first Japanese guitar companies to acquire an international reputation by producing top-notch solid musical instruments. Ever since then, Hoshino has consistently maintained a high level of production to meet the needs of their growing fan base. This is why even today when there are so many brands of guitars available, a majority of guitar buyers still choose to buy from Hoshino.

There are several types of Ibanez Guitars on the market today. You can choose from traditional models, to electric guitars, to bass guitars. To top it off, many models also have effects added to them. If you are a new guitar player and are looking for a good starter model, the Ibanez Electric guitar brand is highly recommended. But what are the differences between these models?

In general, there are four main Ibanez Guitars designs. The "Strawtop" is one of the oldest designs. It features a simple body design, but sports a large pickguard and three tuning forks. Due to its simplicity, the Strawtop is not recommended for new players or those with poor fingering skills. Another drawback of the Strawtop is that it is not very flexible, as compared to other designs.

The "Box Guitar" is the other most popular design. This model is not technically an electric guitar, as it only has a hollow body. Despite this fact, many guitar manufacturers have begun to create soundboards that are made of plastic in order to compete with the Japanese electronics giants. The Box guitar is extremely popular in many Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea, where the instrument is often used in worship ceremonies. The guitar brand Ibanez also makes models that feature the traditional shakuhachi tuning forks.

The "Bass" and "Rock" series are the company's entry into the realm of semi-automatic electric guitars. They were hugely successful in Europe but were put on a national stage when the "Bass" was redesigned in 1984. The new bass design featured a new dual-neck concept, which allowed a second neck to be attached to the instrument. These models sell for much less than their counterparts and can be purchased at most music stores in your country.

The "Pro" series is the most popular of Ibanez guitars. They feature premium materials, including laminated chrome bodies and premium tuning forks. These models generally cost more than any other model in the company's line, but they are incredibly well-built. The price-quality ratio between the "Pro" series and the "Bass" series is just about even, with each series having a few select designs that set it apart from its competition. The "Pro" series is also the longest lasting of any Ibanez guitar model.

Ibanez has a reputation for building some of the best performing acoustic/electric guitars on the market. It is rare to find someone who would say a bad thing about the way their instruments play. Acoustic models are usually known for having very deep basses and very expressive melodies. Electric models, on the other hand, are known for being relatively simple and having uncomplicated tunings. You will notice a lot of differences between the price grades on Ibanez guitars, but one thing remains the same.

The thing about Ibanez electric guitars is that you don't need to use a humbucker in order to play great lead work. The standard tuning of the "Bass" and "Pro" series makes it easy to produce great riffs and solos without using the dreaded humbucker. If you are looking for electric guitars with outstanding craftsmanship and quality, take a look at the Ibanez catalogs and see what kinds of models are available.