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The Best Keyboard For Beginners

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The Best Keyboard Brands For Beginners

There are many options out there in India when it came to keyboards for beginners to choose from. These come in different sizes allowing you to get the right one for each age group. To aid you in selecting a keyboard, here's a list of a few of the top choices available on the market. Most of these can be purchased online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Artesia Fun-1: The Artesia Fun-1 is one of the best keyboards for beginners on the market today. It features 61 keys, which makes this a great starting point for anyone getting interested in playing keyboards. With its angular design and light weight, it's a common choice for young students who are just getting started with their piano lessons. This keyboard is also great for those interested in playing the blues since there are so many rich musical notes it will be easy for you to recognize.

Korg Kaushrana: While a Korg Kaushrana is a great keyboard for beginners, it might not be your best option if you're looking for a true piano keyboard. The Kaushrana has a unique, futuristic sound to it and that's what sets it apart from other keyboards on the market today. Some of its features include velocity sensitivity, true sustain pedal, large keys with wonderful tactile feel, and the astounding LCD display that will show you how much pressure is being exerted on the keys. It's a great choice for someone who wants the look and touch of a real piano keyboard but not the high price tag.

Casio Sulumit: Another great choice for keyboards for beginners would be the Casio Sulumit. This is a relatively new Casio keyboard but it is quickly gaining fans. In fact, Casio themselves are recognizing this and releasing the Sulumit ES Junior instead of the more popular Casio Sulumit ES. Both have the great sound that beginners are looking for, although the Casio ES has a bit more versatility. Whether you're looking for a combination of functionality or just a plain older model Casio you'll be happy with the Sulumit.

Yamaha Krrna: This keyboard is probably one of the most sought after types of keyboards on the market today. With all the wonderful features this keyboard has, some beginning pianists may find that they would rather pay more to get a higher-quality keyboard. There is even a learning section on this keyboard that will allow you to go through some basic songs so that you can learn the basics of playing. If you don't like the learning section then don't worry because most quality pianos come with a DVD or learning section that you can access. This extra feature will definitely come in handy when you're just getting started playing.

SEMtone SMPS synthesizer: This keyboard has a few great features, including a number of sounds that you can actually play. The fact that this keyboard is weighted will help those who may find traditional synthesizers a bit too advanced for their taste. The weighted keys are located in all the right places so that they are easy to play. This is important because it will allow you to get used to how the synthesizer feels and sounds when you first start playing.

SEMtone Super Sustain Pedal: This keyboard has several features that will allow you to have a lot of fun as you learn to play. First off, the sustain pedal lets you play notes while the bass drum is not being played. This way, you can still use your legs to get up and down the keyboard. As you become more experienced with the keyboard and the synthesizer sounds you want, you will probably want to try playing without the sustain pedal.

In conclusion, it will come down to personal preference. Some people love the feel of a weighted keyboard, while others prefer to have the keys closer to the keys on a piano. Whatever your decision may be the best keyboard brands for beginners can certainly meet all of your needs. Take a look at some reviews or a few models today to determine which ones will best suit your needs.