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Klon Clone Vs Mjolnir Ovation (Aka "The Transparent Ovation")

The Klon Clone is a guitar pedal introduced in the late seventies by Klon Cars. The pedal was made to replace the "Bucketstyle" which had been standard on all Klon guitars up until that point. With the Klon Clone, the player would have more options when it came to getting a clean boost or just flatting a note. The Klon Clone was first used on the Adidas, but quickly became popular with many other guitar players. The original inspiration for the Klon Clone came from the British rock band Queen. They were recording their album 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at the time and needed a fender guitar with a little more "twang" to get that feel of authenticity.

The Klon Clone was an instant success and helped Queen become one of the biggest selling albums ever. The name of the pedal was chosen due to two things - its resemblance to a snake (a nod to the band's mascot) and the fact that it had two different knobs. There was no way to change the knobs to change the sound of the guitar so they could have been changed to either an E string or an A string. This allowed a greater amount of variation in playing than was possible with the previous single-knob Fender guitars.

The Klon Clone is similar to other vintage Fender enhancers such as the Boz Scaggs and theibe. Like these vintage Fender enhancers, the Klon Clone has a unique dual action system that is not found on any other guitar. The "Klon" is actually a two piece body with a metal or steel shaft attached to each side. The two pieces are held together by two bolts that run through the knobs of the guitar. These two pieces, once attached to the guitar's pickup, provide a "sugar drive" that gives the guitar an extended tone.

The difference in the Tone section of the Klon Clone is that there is a much heavier attack on the second string compared to other models. While this may be fine for rock music or certain types of playing, it can lead to a muffled overdrive sound. When trying to get a tight, distorted sound out of the guitar, you can use the overdrive approach, but you will want to use a heavier amp and maybe also use a little reverb. You can get a beautiful nylon overdrive sound from the Klon Clone that you cannot get from other models of overdrive

The Tumnus Deluxe also has a unique "tumnus syndrome" effect. In order to describe this syndrome I would have to say it is like the difference between a standard acoustic guitar and one that has a tremolo system. It is not technically a tremolo because there is no movement at the top of the guitar. However, it does have a nice sweep from the bridge to the tailpiece that gives a complex low pitch sound that is similar to a twelve stringed acoustic. I have always liked the tremolo effect and the Deluxe helps me achieve it by gently pushing the strings.

There are a few things that make the Klon Clone more interesting than some others on the market today. For example, it does have a very pronounced neck pickup with a very large pickup located behind the middle valve of the valve assembly. This allows for a very clear sound with minimum over-dampedness. The Deluxe adds a sweet and slightly aggressive tone with the same type of overdrive that the klon clone excels in.

One interesting thing I like about the Klon Clone and all its variants is the different models have different overdrive techniques. The Deluxe model has a true mjolnir overdrive which is the most common overdrive technique used in the klones. I love this style of overdrive and it works great on the Deluxe. The other is the patented "Transparent Ovation" technique. This technique uses a low level acoustic signal for the overdrive which really helps it produce such a crisp sound.

The sound of the Klon Clone is truly legendary. I played it while on vacation with my friend Dave from England. I was blown away by how aggressive it sounds. If you are looking for a guitar with a vintage sound then the klons are a great option. You can get the same great sound of a Deluxe on the cheaper price of a "pro" model so it may be worth considering if the "Pro" version is what you are looking for.