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The Marshall amp is one of the most popular brands in audio equipment. It has been around since 1957 and has a history that can be traced back to the very beginning of rock and roll. A company owned by Mike Wakefield called the American Amps Company made a microphone that was used in nightclubs and other clubs for their audio purposes. They patented it and soon it was being used in recording studios across the country. As the demand for microphones increased, so did the number of companies who manufactured them and in turn, the number of models.

Marshall amplifiers are known for their quality and durability. There have been many models that have been released since the very first one and they all have built-in power reduction features. It will cut down on the low sounds that are produced when the amplifier is operating at full output. A common complaint among guitarists is that the kick drum sounds distorted when there is not enough gain and so the use of a power reduction feature helps cut down on this problem. This is why many guitarists choose to buy a model that comes with a power reduction feature.

Many people believe that the Marshall amps contain a chip that causes the infamous " Marshall sound ". This is absolutely not true. All of the Marshalls that are available use solid state electronic chips. The reason behind this chip is that they are designed to give the amplifier an improved signal to noise ratio. Many engineers feel that the current design of these gFX chips is better than the ones that were used in the early models of the amps which is why the current design is referred to as the " Marshall amp formula".

The circuitry of the current models of the marshall amps are also much improved over the original designs. For instance the original design used a triode (DC) power amplifier rather than the current designs that use a pentode (AC) power amplifier. While the latter may have been fine-looking in its heyday, but the current design is better suited for music production in the modern rock and roll style. The pentode was fine for classical music but the current design makes it far more suited to producing heavy metal and other hard core music styles.

In essence however, all three models of the Marshall amp family are the same. The characteristic features that define each amp are the volume, the tone, and the clean sound characteristic. If you really want to hear what a classic amp can do it is worth trying out a current model. I am not being cynical. There are very few manufacturers who make them and the sound they produce is truly remarkable.

One of the most popular features of the current line of Marshall amps is the valve control. These are used in conjunction with the tremolo or as part of the overall tone control. Valve controls usually operate in the same way as their bypass units. In essence, you turn up the valves until you achieve the desired tone. As there are no true bypasses, you must use volume pedals in order to boost the volume while still maintaining the guitar tone.

The latest designs of the legendary Marshall amplifier give you a lot more than ample power and a fantastic tone. They are not only great performers, but also a real treat to play with. Some people prefer their old units with the overdriven and distorted tones, whereas others want something a little less aggressive. Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find something that suits your taste. The only negative aspect about these units is that they can be rather loud, but this can be helped by placing your monitor near the front panel or by purchasing earphones.

The history of the brand goes back to the early fifties when it first started manufacturing electric bass amps. Back then, it was called WEM. The first models of the sixtys model were widely successful and helped them sell hundreds of thousands of units. Since then, they have been consistently producing quality units that can take care of all your audio requirements without getting on your nerves. If you have not yet purchased a unit from them, you should consider it now!