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Martin Guitars are a great investment for any guitarist looking to expand his musical horizons. C.F. Martin & Company was founded by Christian Frederick Martin in 18 33, based in Ohio. It's renowned for its acoustic-electric guitars and is also a leading producer of laminated top-hat guitars. They're particularly well known for producing some of the best-selling high school and college guitar tuition books around.

Martin Guitar Sides are available in a wide range of styles and models. In fact, there's something for everyone. All Martin Guitars have been designed and fitted to a cedar neck. The body is made from mahogany or rosewood and topped with a thin glued maple veneer. On the back of the neck are the cutaway keys which allow the guitarist to use different amounts of pickups and effects, as well as having preamp outputs for effects like reverb and distortion.

Martin Guitars also have a reputation for being incredibly easy to play and to handle. They have had numerous musician guest spots on several of their popular television series. Martin Guitars are well-suited for acoustic, classical, and rock music. Many top performers in all genres have chosen to use Martin Guitars.

Martin Guitars are designed for players who prefer the more traditional look and feel of an acoustic guitar with a steel-stringed neck. Martin guitars are very popular among bluegrass, folk, and country guitar players. Other players like jazz guitarist Don Webster and acoustic guitarists have been fans for decades. A vintage Martin guitar can be a great way to get a classic acoustic sound. Martin Guitars use solid wood used for their instruments, including mahogany, which is very sturdy and yet still very soft and lightweight.

The traditional shape of these guitars is quite unique compared to other styles. Many of these guitars have sloping roofs that resemble a cat's paw. The solid wood used in Martin guitars is not laminate, as it is not pressured laminated, but carbon fiber. This enables the instrument to have its fingerboards made from the same material as the body. Martin Guitars also has two single-coil pickups in the neck.

Martin Guitars has a reputation for being extremely versatile and easy to play. This company is known worldwide for its attention to detail and innovation in musical equipment. Many well-known musicians are also fans of Martin Guitars. You can choose from models manufactured by any of the company's six different divisions. These include G & M, G&S, Electro-voice, Martin, Topline, and Spark. These companies focus on producing acoustic instruments for professional musicians and students.

Martin Guitars use traditional hollow bolt body shapes to produce their distinctive sound. All of their guitars have the "hollow-body" sound, which is characterized by a narrow, thin body and a steel or plastic neck. The guitars' necks are typically joined at the bridge, instead of lying across the top like most other instruments. The bridge allows the guitarist to press down slightly on the strings without creating a "distortion". Most hollow-bodied guitars have a V-shaped sound.

Martin guitars also use a standard spruce neck construction. Standard spruce neck construction allows the guitar player to control the guitar's low end by switching the strings' height. The strings are also spaced closer to the headstock, producing a tighter tone and brighter volume.

The Martin acoustic guitars have a two-piece dreadnought body, which is wider at the bottom and deeper at the top. This body design provides added strength and rigidity for the instrument's framework. Dreadnought bodies are also utilized in some of the company's more expensive lines of instruments. A dreadnought body shape produces a more powerful tone with more brilliance and projection than other types of acoustic guitar designs.

Martin has expanded into amplifiers, effects, cabinets, and signal processing equipment. Many acoustic guitars feature onboard electric features such as a tremolo or chorus pedal, an acoustic twirl, or another type of amplification. Some electric guitars, however, also feature onboard amp features such as direct output jacks and line output jacks, which allow one guitar to play as many acoustic guitars as there are in a band. Other electronic guitars have onboard gig capabilities that allow the guitar player to double up as the lead electric guitar and play the rhythm instrument.

Martin Guitars are also available in the more popular medium-to-large-sized instruments in six and seven-string designs. The most widely accepted medium-sized Martin guitar model is the Martin D-35 model, which has a headstock with a nylon padded shank. It has a two-piece neck and frets, which allow it to be either left-hand dominant or right-hand dominant. Most dreadnoughts have a three-piece neck construction, which is a notable difference from other models.