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The Best Monitor Stands

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Buyer's Guide

A Guide to Buying the Right Monitor Stands

You have just purchased a new computer, and now are faced with the task of figuring out what kind of monitor stands to buy. With all the various options available, you may be overwhelmed at first, but here are some helpful tips to help you out. With a little time and effort, you can figure out exactly which stands will fit your needs, and which ones will be over your budget.

When looking at different monitor stands, you need to decide whether or not you need an adjustable stand. Every monitor stand has varying screen size and weight limitations that have to be adhered to carefully. So making sure that your monitor doesn't exceed these constraints is vital! The longevity and stability of your stand and monitor depend heavily on it.

Whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, or both, there are several different kinds of monitor stands to consider. Most desk setup units will either include one or two wall mounts, while most laptop wall mounts will only support one laptop. If you are using multiple monitors with your desk setup, you may either need a number of wall mounts, or multiple stand mounts. There are also specific stand mounts that will work with laptop computers only, so make sure you know what type of computer you are using before going out and buying monitor stands.

When shopping for monitor stands online, make sure you read the descriptions carefully and do not make any purchasing decision until you've read at least three descriptions. Sometimes the description will say something like "mounting only," or something to that effect. It's not enough to look at the pictures on the website if you're making a purchase decision! Make sure the description mentions the material the stand is made from, the weight capacity, and the clamping force, as well as the types of mounting devices that can be used to attach it to the wall.

Some monitor stands are designed to fit into a corner of a space and are known as mini stands. These are generally used for mini computer monitors and should have low end capabilities. Most commonly seen kinds of mini stands are those made from wood or metal. The weight capacity for these is typically very low, and the height of the unit may be too short to even use it in a normal office setting. As a result, this kind of monitor stands are ideal for use with computers that are on the low end of the computer size scale.

Another option that is available to you is a full sized stand. These are made in standard sizes and they are also very common. They have the weight capability to keep them in place, and the ability to adjust the height for smaller monitors. Most times, the stand will also offer some type of height adjustment, in order to make it easier to view different areas of a screen. If your work often requires you to view the screen from a good distance, this stand may be just the thing that you need.

Many of the more popular monitor stands can also support a dual monitor set up. This means that two separate screens can be viewed at the same time, thanks to the built in dual monitor stands. These are by far the most popular kind of stand for computers, and many people purchase this kind of desk setup for their own work station. For those who use dual monitors often enough, this is an excellent way to maximize your viewing enjoyment.

There are plenty of different monitor stands on the market today. Your choice will likely depend on the kind of use that you need the stand to fulfill. If you need a simple stand that simply keeps your monitors in place, you may be able to find a cheap stand at a local store. If you need something more durable and stable, try looking for a model that offers dual or even triple-display support. Those who like to mount multiple monitors on their desk setup may also enjoy a tilting stand, which will keep the monitor in a comfortable position when it is in use.