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The Best Most Versatile Electric Guitar

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Most Versatile Electric Guitar

When a person is looking for an electric guitar that is most versatile, they should definitely consider the Producers Line series by Sweetwater. This model features all of Sweetwater's popular instruments in one neat package. From its high gloss mahogany body to its great collection of pickup designs, this guitar by Sweetwater is sure to fit into any musical style. Let us take a closer look at the Features found on the PRS SE Custom 24.

Body The body of the most versatile electric guitar by Sweetwater is designed to endure the wear and tear of playing for hours on end. Its modern design provides a modern appearance that will blend well with almost any look. It also has been crafted from a solid mahogany back and neck, which provides the durability and tone that any guitarist would expect. However, the SE Custom 24's body does have a few cons as well. The finish on this electric guitar is quite shiny, so this may not be the best choice for someone who prefers a little less flashy.

Neck The neck on the SE Custom 24 has a nice, low P-string sound to it. While most electric guitars with these kinds of necks have a P-string and low-gain preamp attached to the bridge, Sweetwater instead uses its low wattage single-coil pickups. These pros and cons are great for any guitarist who likes a deep, rich tone or who wants to get away from hum. While the Neck of the SE Custom 24 is low, the pros of having a P-string are great for those songs where a deep, rich tone is desired, as the extra wattage will produce a warm, mahogany sound rather than a P-string.

Frets Most electric guitars have frets, but only the most expensive models will have the amount of treble the SE Custom 24's fret board is capable of. This instrument uses undialled frets, which means each fret is played individually, rather than stacked like on a regular guitar. Having more frets also means that each note has a higher pitch, as well as a deeper bass note, which is perfect for lead and rhythm players. In addition, these frets are highly visible, which means this instrument can be used both standing up and sitting down, as the increased light from the light board will make you notice even the smallest treble changes.

Output Jack A popular feature of many top-end guitars is the ability to easily change the guitar's pickup and output jack without changing the amplifier. This feature is often found on J pickups, although it can also be found on most single-coil pickups. Some guitars have what is called a locking jack, which is essentially a cable that goes between the output jack and the amplifier. The advantage of using this method is that you do not need additional wiring. The disadvantage is that if you change the tone knobs, you may need to move your amplifier and connect new pickups or cable. On some guitars, you simply need to remove the supplied power cable.

Sound Quality Many electric guitars now come equipped with onboard sound systems, which will enhance the guitar's sound when you plug it in. In addition to having onboard sound systems, some guitars also have onboard processors and distortions. This is usually achieved through the use of special connectors and wiring. One thing to keep in mind with onboard processors is that they will increase the volume level of the instrument, so they are best left for special effects purposes only. Some popular processor applications include things such as reverb, chorus, expander, waveform manipulation and gating.

Ease of Use One of the most important factors in selecting an instrument is how easy it is to handle and play. Electric guitars are very popular because many people find them to be very easy to start playing. Most guitars today have bodies that are easily adjustable, making it simple to change the guitar's tone from a mild sounding B-compliance model to a screaming sultry lead sound. This is another reason that electric guitars are so popular, they sound great no matter what you do with them.

What You Need to Know When looking for an electric guitar, you have several different options to choose from. If you are just getting started, a basic model is a good place to start. For more experienced players, however, they may want to consider upgrading to a full featured model that will give them the tone and sound that they are looking for. There are many variables that can change the way a person approaches upgrading their electric guitar. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before you buy.