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The Fender Precision Bass guitar is a popular model of acoustic electric bass made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. It is a six-string bass with three single-coil pickups. It has a neck that is laminated with fingerboards. It has the option of having or not having an electronic pickup. The bass's body is covered in mahogany with black detail on the side and a couple of spray paint colors are available. There is also a fiberglass body.

This bass has been made for many years and has a reputation for being a quality instrument, but some guitar players feel that it lacks the "punch" that they need to produce a true P Bass sound. Many guitarists agree that the P Bass has a deeper sound that is not as rich as other types of acoustic basses. Some say that it sounds more metallic and has a less than perfect sound reproduction. With all these observations, I decided to put together a P Bass review to help others decide if this model of bass is right for them. My goal was to determine if the neck profile, material, electronics, tonal balance, build, weight, and cost were all worth the price.

P bass guitar review - I decided to test two versions of the P Bass, alder, and rosewood, to compare them. To my surprise, these two models had very similar tonal qualities. The instrument was heavy enough to handle me playing lead when I performed live. But the tone was not as rich as other acoustic guitars that are much lighter. For bass guitarists who are looking for a richer bass with better extended high notes, than an instrument like the p bass is suitable.

Neck profile - This is the shape of the neck of the instrument and is the reason why some call it a P bass. The standard guitar necks are usually much thinner. The optimized neck profiles of these p basses provide for better comfort while you strum and give you the best tone.

Electronics - Most bassists use electronic amplifiers while some consider them unnecessary. The choice really depends on your preferences. I highly recommend you trytry both the types of P basses. When choosing a amplifier it's best to choose according to the type of music you want to play. The top-costing models are the most expensive because the quality of the sound they produce is better than the cheap ones.

Tone - The tone of the bass can be characterized in different ways. The P basses of today offer different tonal qualities. I found that the sound of a P bass is more melodic than the classic vibe series. These basses also have a different character and are more versatile.

Additional info about P Bass guitar - Some additional info regarding the sound of the p bass is that they tend to sound better with brighter melody whereas the j bass sound works best with slower melody. The classical vibe series sounds good with slower melody but not as good with fast rhythms. P bass sounds good with the first notes of a song but sounds awful with the last note. The price of the P bass guitar depends on the features of the amplifier, it comes with. The more features the more the cost. A good amplifier will also increase the quality of the sound produced.

When looking for a guitar just remember the quality of the sound and how much versatility it has. Whether you're looking for a Squier P bass or a vintage styled Blackwing you should be able to find the right one. The Squier P bass is by far the best bass available today.