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The Phaser Pedal is a new digital pedal designed by Jimmy Page. It resembles a normal guitar, but the sound it produces is far more wooshing and distorted. Jimmy Page has played around with sound effects pedals in the past such as the famous Whammy Bar, but he wanted something that was closer to his amps from The Who's " Tommy." Although Jimmy's latest pedal model doesn't have all of the features of the original models, it still makes great practice pedals for any guitar player. The Phaser Pedal is Jimmy Page's latest creation and it can be used with all of the classic guitars in your bag of guitars.

Phaser Pedal is a single-pedal electric guitar effect pedal with four individual audio channels which are knobs, switches, and a touch screen. In addition, it contains several popular and useful effects including the classic phaser, alternate mode, and ring modulator. The four audio channels each contain their own individual amp simulation settings so you can get the sound you want individually. There are also two foot-switch and one large toggle switch to control the volume from a direct input. When the switch is engaged the pedal performs true phasing.

To perform the phaser pedal, simply turn it on. A small indicator light glows and shows if the signal level is high or low. If the light glows orange, this means that the sound is phasing. Then there is a rectangular waveform display and a source audio input and the result is a pitched sound. By default, the Phaser Pedal uses the high and low frequencies from the source audio signal.

A simple method for beginning to play the phaser pedal is to understand the basic controls. To turn it on, just turn it off. The first mode, the Basic Control, emulates the swept-shade sound of a tape recorder which is usually heard in clubs where the band is playing a live rhythm section.

The two main knobs and three sliders control the pitch and panning of the sound. The left knob has an up/down change and a mid/late change. The right knob controls the width of the sweep of the phaser pedals. There are also three sliders to adjust the speed of the sound.

Another feature of the phaser pedal that differs from other keyboards is the chorus function. When you activate the pedal, it starts to play notes at the same time and blends them into one single continuous sound. The sound has a ring like quality and comes from all the instrument sounds and the lead vocals. To change what mode is being used, just turn it on and off.

For a great sounding virtual tour with a classic guitar sound, download "Phaser Pedal Time" by Steve Krenz. This course teaches you how to use a combination of modes to change what sound you are creating. You can use the modulation controller to alter chords and the melody. This mode works well with the classic amp simulation effect. The program also shows you how to apply effects like reverb and chorus without changing the guitar tone.

This system includes a virtual keyboard, an audio device driver, audio interface for connecting to your soundcard, and a collection of sample sounds. It also includes a set of instructional video files. This mode works great with the classic analog phaser effect and classic rock songs that feature a classic chorus or all-pass filters. You'll need to load the device and configure it with the computer. Once that is done you can start playing and listening to any audio file using your virtual keyboard.