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Pioneer DJM

If you are considering purchasing a new mixer, you should consider the DJM ( Pioneer DJM) line of professional mixers. The price is right for a professional sound system, and the quality is unsurpassed in the DJM range of products. The superior sound quality produced by the DJM range of mixers is unrivalled for professional use and will blow the minds of any DJ who is serious about their craft. So whether you are looking to upgrade from a basic deck or looking for a DJM to cater to an exclusive club night, the DJM range of products will have something to offer you.

If you are not sure which of the DJM products will best suit your needs, you should read through this article to familiarize yourself with the most common combinations and features. The three main DJM products are the mixer, the sound system and the remote control unit. Let's take a closer look at each of these to see if any of them are worth considering for purchase during the promo period.

The DJM mixer is the ideal mixer if you need the highest level of mixing ability and audio input and output options. In addition to the basic function of mixing the music input and output, the DJM mixer can also alter the beat color effect and crossfade options, add a background track or insert effects. The mixer has a wide audio input selection of popular vinyl and computer software. At the same time, the mixer has two fader controls, and a " Repeat " command.

The other product in the DJM ( Pioneer DJM) range is the sound card. The sound card can be used with the DJM mixer, as well as the RCA cables. It is compatible with many computer operating systems and sound card drivers, including but not limited to Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It offers two footstools, a hi-hat controller and a x-ray player. Unlike the mixer, this sound card has two monitor controls. It does not have an audio input or output, and does not feature the " Crossfade " effect.

The digital vinyl (DV) mixer, or the DV Mix, is a midi interface with onboard sound card and sequencing capability. Like the mixer, it has two RCA inputs, and is compatible with most computer operating systems. Unlike the mixer, this sound card has no sound processing capabilities and can only be used with computers running the Microsoft XP Professional operating system. It does have a high-resolution microphone input and output, however.

The last product in the range is the scratch control mixer. This is essentially a high-tech version of the standard DJM mixer. The mixer has three main controls, namely the deck control, the sound card control, and the "Clone" function. The sound quality of this product is good, although a little less refined than that offered by the previous products.

One of the best selling features of the DJM-850-S sound card is the Digital Vinyl Engine (D Vest) software. The DV Engine is what takes the computer-generated sound and converts it into actual analog tones. It has five different settings for the level of sound effects, which are: Normal, Rock, Techno, Dubstep, and Pro Tools. There are four transport controls that allow you to connect the mixer to other devices like the USB MIDI keyboard or to a computer running Windows.

In addition to all these, the software also provides you with a new beat color fx function that allows you to change the tune's visual appearance. The software is compatible with all Pro Tools environments including Cubase, Pro Tools LE, and Sonic Producer. If you want to get a taste of what this brand new DJM mixer can do, check out their website for a free demo version. You will definitely be able to tell that this new mixer will make your party or event a huge success!