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PolyTune Clip (also known as PolyTune Digital Multi Tuner) is more than a simple clip-on tuner; it is a revolution! Combining powerful state-of-the-art tuning technologies with an unprecedented attention to aesthetic quality and performance, PolyTune Clip delivers a tune-up which is unsurpassed in both speed and precision. With the revolutionary capabilities of PolyTune technology, you are sure to enjoy fast tracking, smooth operation, superb audio quality and an unprecedented degree of musical versatility. PolyTune Clips come equipped with two revolutionary sound generating components - an ultra-lightweight high-speed digital tuner and an innovative sound activation mechanism that ensures that your tunes are ready to perform in the best of conditions.

High-performance PolyTune Clips feature a high density urethane dielectric lens and an incredibly sensitive temperature sensor. Sensitive temperature control ensures that the polytuner is always at its optimal performance and no matter what environment. The polytune clip-on tuner can be used in any location, from the dashboard of a car to the passenger seat of a bus or truck to the console of a jet aircraft. PolyTune is so versatile that it works with multiple brands of MP3 players, including Philips, iorate, Saitek and Creative Labs. PolyTune even works perfectly with iPod accessories such as the Tidal Soundbooster.

Polytune clip-ons come in a variety of colours and models, including light and dark finishes for maximum impact. Most come standard with a stainless steel spring clip assembly, which can be opened up to reveal a precision-tuned variable-micro stabilizer. Two types of variable-micro stabilizers are available, namely compression and damping. Compression models employ high-tech spring technology to instantly boost power when pressed, while dampening behaviour models allow the user to gradually adjust the damping effect of the clip.

Upon plugging in the PolyTune clip-on tuner to your iPod, the device quickly identifies the type of connection, whether it's stereo or mono. The user then navigates through buttons until the name pop-up appears, at which point all necessary connections are revealed. From here the device will then scan through each connection and display the names of each, allowing you to identify them and switch between them easily. If you are using a mono connection, the device will highlight all four wires in a different colour, whilst a stereo connection will display the four wires in the same colours. At this point the polytune will then detect the type of drive connection and whether it is compatible. If everything is okay, the device will then proceed to launch the corresponding iTunes software.

Once the software has launched, you can then load all your existing songs into the PolyTune device and begin enjoying your songs directly from your iPod! When the polyphonic tuning procedure is complete, the unit will shut down. It will then proceed to load the strobe tuner unboxing for you. Whilst all of these steps are straightforward, the very simplicity of how the unit is connected and programmed means that there is still a risk of things going wrong, especially if you're not too computer literate with musical software and hardware. The good news is that the process is laid out extremely clearly, with step by step guides so that even a beginner will be able to follow along and plug in your iPod.

After the polytune clip-on has been installed, the next step is to select the desired mode - the two main modes are Auto and Strobe. Each has their own specific characteristics, such as Mono mode which allows the polyphonic clip-on to play in only one channel (strobe) and Repeat mode which enables it to play in duplicate channels (auto). By default, each mode has ten channels, however each can be changed by using the sliders on the left-hand side of the device. In addition to the modes there are also other features which are helpful, such as lock-ups (for example when you are away from the laptop and accidentally turn off the auto tuning mode by accident), skip sequencing which allows you to have the device start playing in a random order and drum loop recording mode (this is useful for making loops on the fly without using a program like Live).

After the polytune clip-ons have been installed, the next step is to connect the unit to your host PC or laptop. At this point it should be noted that all major computer brands such as HP, Dell etc. support audio interface technology known as PCM. For those unfamiliar with PCM, it stands for "Pulse-code modulation", which is a digital encoding of audio signals. By using standard PCM equipment, you can achieve extremely high quality sound reproduction, however the price of PCM equipment is generally greater than the price of most polytuners/emulators.

An important part of the polytuner system, aside from the standard lithium coin battery, is an application called the Polytune Editor. This editor enables the user to alter and configure a polytune clip, or tune, in real time. A good example of this feature would be editing your favourite song. By selecting " Edit " icon and clicking " Record" you can take your own audio recording and use it as the basis of your new tune. In fact, I strongly recommend downloading and trying out the Polytune Editor for a week or two to see if it works for you!