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Portable am fm radio

The most popular portable AM radio today is the Headstart portable AM/ FM radio manufactured and sold by Kenwood. The Kenwood portable AM/ FM radio offers many of the same features of the larger models including: clear high-quality sound; easy to read display; great sounding stereo audio; two tuning banks, one with heart-beat mode and the other with sport tone setting. The portable model also has three preset EQ choices allowing you to fine-tune your radio; a built-in rechargeable battery powers the radio, and a rechargeable AC adapter makes the battery last longer so you don't have to worry about having no battery on when you go out of the car. All in all the Headstart portable AM/FM Radio is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy to operate portable unit with great sound quality and reliable operation.

Portable AM/FM Radio - General Description The Kenwood headstart portable AM/FM radio is a favorite among portable device users because of its rugged dependability, sleek design, and variety of features. It is one of the smallest (and lightest) portable devices to be produced by any major company in the world and is made with a tough case, sturdy metal body, and three-pronged power cord. The portable model is 5.25 inches long, with a width of seven and a half inches outside the outer case and weighs around one pound. The manufacturer recommends using a standard lip strap on all portable models.

Main Features The Kenwood portable stereo is a very versatile radio with the following main features. The boombox style tuning device will allow you to choose from over forty sounds and tune into one specific station. The tuner has a conveniently placed push button that will activate the tuner. There is also a voice recognition feature for fast and smooth operation.

The boombox will rotate three times for full effect of the tuning mechanism. There is a single button on the side that you can use to operate the boombox. A rechargeable lithium battery is included in the package and will support up to four hours of continuous listening.

Sound Quality The Kenwood portable AM/ FM radio has a great sound when it is set to the suitable listening modes. When in the auto mode, it has a richer sound and has a better sound clarity than other similar size transistor radios. You can adjust the volume through the volume knob and the tuning indicator LED light will indicate the length of the incoming signal, which can be helpful for listening at other locations. The tuning indicator LED will turn on when there is a stronger or weaker signal and will turn off when the signal strength is higher or weaker than what is anticipated. There is an external tuning wire that can be used to make connection with external amplifiers or receivers.

Battery Life The Kenwood portable AM/ FM radio comes with a pair of high quality rechargeable lithium battery, which are manufactured by the Phillips Corporation. This manufacturer portable radio features the ability to be used on any of the United States frequency bands and has a long battery life, which will last approximately two hours. The manufacturer portable unit has a high definition sound system that is great for listening to music or other types of audio while traveling on buses, trains, planes and even automobiles. The batteries will also support hands free communication.

Features and Performance The Kenwood portable AM/ FM radio is designed to perform and sound very similar to the standard big brother transistor radio. This is a premium built device that offers the ability to tune in to various locations throughout the world that have a regular analog broadcast. It is also very easy to operate and has some great sound quality. The main features of this radio include a touch screen remote control with holding power, easy to reach menu functions, memory key pads, center speaker controls, stainless steel screws for mounting, and three-year limited factory warranty. If you are looking for a device that has a lot of added features and great sound quality, then this is probably a good option that you should consider.

Other features and functions include: factory bypass feature that will allow you to automatically switch from analog to digital. The Radio frequency is modulated with a USB port that allows it to be connected with your laptop or other portable computer. There is also an external antenna jack that can be used to connect the portable radio to the antenna of your vehicle. All of the specifications can be found below.