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The Best Powered Bookshelf Speakers

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Buyer's Guide

Powered Bookshelf Speakers - Tips on How to Find the Right One

So, you've decided to buy a powered bookshelf speaker. But, what style will you choose? In general, powered bookshelf speakers fall into three categories: sub-woofer, satellite speakers, and box speakers. As the name implies, all powered bookshelf speakers are made to be very small, usually no more than 9 inches wide, and not be overly noticeable or take up too much space. This tends to be particularly the case with all small powered bookshelf speakers, which tend to be of a similar size to books that are not powered by sound energy, such as those in a bookcase. The smaller, powered bookshelf speaker's advantage is that it can easily fit into a corner or next to a wall, if space is an issue, while larger powered bookshelf speakers can sometimes hang quite precariously out of a corner or on a wall.

Subwoofers have the advantage that they are usually powered by an amplifier. You can use an amp to enhance the sound of the speaker, bringing it closer to your listening position. Some even come with a signal amplifier, so that you do not need an amplifier for the sound to come through.

Satellite speakers tend to be more expensive than subwoofers, because they include a powerful speaker somewhere besides the woofer. This speaker is called the satellite speaker. It is sometimes suggested that you should keep your subwoofer far away from your audio source, because if the satellite speaker becomes overheated it will damage your sound system. A good rule of thumb is to avoid placing your audio source too close to your speakers. This will ensure that you get the best possible sound, without overheating any of the components.

The final type of speaker is called acoustics. These are the new breed of speakers that are being developed to improve on the sounds that were produced previously. They are made from materials that are light weight and can be made to produce high quality sound. Most of these products are powered by batteries, but there are some models that require electricity.

If you are in the market for a speaker but are confused by the choice, there are several models to consider. The first category is called bookshelf speakers. These speakers help to spread the sound for the listener and make sure that each and every ear get a good dose of sound. Two examples of these models are the Bowers Pro Bookshelf and the Polk Legend L200s. The two are the polar opposite of each other. The Bowers has better sound quality and are recommended for those looking for a balanced sound, while the L200s are perfect for those that want a lot of bass.

Next, we have the Audioengine Aq Eight Pod Speakers. The Audioengine Aq Eight Speakers came with two small woofers each capable of handling one channel. This is because of their dual tweeter basket. The woofer is a little more powerful, but not enough to justify the price of the unit. It is powered by a battery and plugs into an electric outlet.

Then there is the R1280T. It has all of the features that come along with the Audioengine Aq Eight Speakers including wireless connectivity and a subwoofer with a basket. However, it does not have as much bass as the former. However, it comes with a built in amp and this will automatically enhance the audio quality of any audio that you plug in. For instance, if you have a stereo CD and a laptop computer, then this portable amplifiers will automatically power both items.

The last two units are the Binders and Push Fit Bookshelf Speakers. The bindings are the same as the AQ Eight series and they come in a wide range of colors. One thing about the Binders is that they do not have to use a battery. A separate power adapter is used. For the amplifier, we have the Alpine Ultrasound Transcend w/mount and the Creative Labs Mu Gong UL.