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4 Important Facts About Rapco XMR Microphone Cables

The best way to make sure that your rapco tubing and cables are in top shape is to buy them from a company that specializes in rapco accessories. You don't need anyone else to help you with this task. Rapco manufactures its own components and connectors, and works with a large array of connectors. If you want the highest quality possible, Rapco is your best option.

If you've been looking for a rapco accessory you will appreciate the Rapco Buying Guide. This detailed buying guide covers all kinds of rapco product. It doesn't matter if you're buying a new mic, a set of patch cables, or a set of speaker wire, the Buying Guide can help you figure out what is right for you. The author of this resource is Matt McConchie, an active rap artist who goes by the name of mickeymcp. He has been an active member of rap music communities since the mid 90s, always looking for the newest resources he can use.

Rapco Mic Connectors are one of the most important aspects of a complete system, but they're often overlooked by users. There are a variety of connectors available, each suited for particular circumstances. This is because every application and combination of equipment is different. In addition, different connectors have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, when buying a microphone cable, it's important to take into consideration the characteristics of the connector, such as conductivity and resistance. In order to maximize your audio quality, and minimize noise, utilize a serve shield process for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility.

rapco A/R cable - This cable incorporates an innovative two stage design and an exclusive balanced metal shield. These technologically advanced components provide true SRS performance with minimum distortion and allow transmission of uncompressed audio very clearly. The cable utilizes a pure copper conductor and shield. It's created with a precision metallic solder and incorporates a unique compression spring design for high performance. The cable is manufactured in Canada and incorporates a heavy duty 6 pound dielectric cord.

rapco A/Rifle Punch - This rapco rifle amplifier offers a full range of selectable frequency bins, which are specifically engineered for any application. Manufactured using a patented process, this high quality rapo amplifier offers an unprecedented signal to noise ratio. This product type is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Other accessory features include an extremely high RF voltage rating and high temperature resistance.

rapco A/Rifle Dash - This rapco rifle amplifier utilizes the industry standard bullet connectors, but incorporates a new connector type that provides a tight seal with both the outer and the inner casing of the cable. This superior product type offers an astounding signal to noise ratio and is covered by a three year limited lifetime warranty. Other accessory features include an extremely high RF voltage rating and also a high temperature resistant component.

rapco xlr male and female microphone cables - This rapco product type is comprised of four separate cables. One set of cables includes an XLR male connector, an XLR female connector, a coaxial shield, and a ground conductor. Another set of cables has an xlr male connector, an xlr female connector, a coaxial ground conductor, and a shield. Each of these sets of cables utilizes different types of connectors to ensure that the sound quality is top notch and will work with any receiver or mixer that you may have. rapco xlr male cables are made from materials such as polyester, rubber, or plastic, while the xlr female cables are made from materials such as copper, rubber, or gold.

rapco xlr package weight - Rapco manufactures several different types of microphone cables. The packaging for each of these cables is extremely unique, with each package weighing in at a certain point. The weight of each package varies, depending upon what type of microphone cable you are getting. You will usually find that the majority of rapco xlr packages weight around 35lbs.