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Are you looking to upgrade your RV6 to an RTR or Real Time Sporty Car? In this article we're going to show you how to upgrade your RV6 without spending an arm and a leg! First of all, the interior of your RV6 has a lot to do with the reliability and longevity of your vehicle. Make sure that your RV is in good working condition. There are many small things to keep in mind to improve the life span of your car,

Upgrade your RV6 by installing a high flow rv6 modular downpipe (known as a VW TM). This is the most common upgrade for a standard stock camper, although some may choose to go with the aftermarket pipe. The quality of your VW TM will be determined mostly by the brand and model of your rv6. A full 3" front pipe for the rv6 is available. This front pipe replaces the highly restrictive two.0" OD main pipe with free flowing (for your VW TM) 3.0" OD stainless steel pipe.

The quality of your stock TM will also depend on the make and model year of your rv6. Stock pipes for a VW TM are generally stainless steel but it is still a good idea to check and see if they have brass valve guides. If the guide is stamped then the guide is probably plastic and should not be trusted. Be very wary of valves that are missing key pieces and/or are bent. These are tell-tale signs that the valve has been replaced and the new one will not be high quality like the stock valve.

Another option in the replacement of stock pipes for your VW TM is a 2.4L High Flow Turbo out pipe. With the advent of the turbo kits available for most vehicles this is a good upgrade to the stock downpipe for your rv6. This particular style of pipe is taller, wider, and has a larger diameter than stock and can add about four inches to the length of your rv6. It will have a higher flow than a stock rv6 pcd, and the sound of a turbo diesel is much better.

One of the newest designs in replacement of stock pipes for your rv6 is the 08-12 Accord V6 downpipe and exhaust. These mufflers do not direct exhaust noise back to your passengers but they do help to reduce the turbulence of a fast turning truck or camper. The muffler does a good job of muffling exhaust noise but some people say that there is too much noise with these to be very helpful. Most automotive enthusiasts agree though that these fit perfectly and look great on the newer model vehicles that have the cd already attached.

If you are going with a more luxurious model of your rv6 such as a civic si, a 2.4l downpipe and replacement is highly recommended. The Si model of rv6 is equipped with a smaller engine and a gas tank. Having a larger diameter muffler with these added features will allow you to use the smaller engine further and will give you more power. You can purchase the new 2.4l downpipe and exhaust for your rv6 in the same place you would buy the new accord; simply shop for it at your local auto parts store. Many people choose to upgrade to a larger aftermarket accessory such as this one when their budget allows it.

For those of you looking for the perfect fit and design in your front pipe, you can check out the K&N Pro-Line brand of roof vents. With their Catted Downpipe they have developed a front pipe that is designed to be used with a smaller Civic and they have larger catted vents available for the larger rv6's. These vent designs offer a snug fit without having to cut off the top of your head or losing any space in your front. You can find these products in either black or silver and are one of the best RV6 performance accessories on the market today.

So if you are looking for that perfect match in your front end, then the K&N Pro-Line brand of roof vents is perfect for your rv6 performance enhancement. The rv6 pcd is made of high quality stainless steel and will make a nice addition to your deck as well as your garage. If you are ready to upgrade your entire front end, then you can also try a Si or Civic Si upgrade. For those looking for a great deal on this type of accessory, then shopping online is your best option. It is quick and easy and best of all it can save you a ton of money while still allowing you to have a great product.