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The Best Short Scale Guitar

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Best Short Scale Electric Guitars

Buying a short scale guitar can often be a daunting task for many guitar buyers. This is mainly because of the confusion that surrounds this instrument type. This article will provide an overview of this instrument type, including information on its basic structure and its tuning types.

A short scale acoustic guitar is usually any electric guitar with a scale length less than 24 inches. Now, just what is scale length anyway? A scale length of an acoustic guitar is the distance from the neck to the saddle or the nut. The advantage of short scale guitar over the longer and larger electric guitars is that you do not have to stretch your arm too far. The effect of stretching an instrument when it is very short is the instrument sounding box spring may spring back and cause a bit of "ping" in your ears.

Fender Duo-Fi System II and Fender Pro Series II (both models use vintage tone control methods) give users a variety of warm and cool tones with different combinations of amp models. For instance, a warm, mellow tone is achieved by operating thetone with the volume knob halfway down while the other tone can be reached using the tone knob at the same position. For those who are looking for a brighter tone, all that is required is turning up the volume knob a bit.

To achieve the brighter tone, several combinations of amp models may be used: hbz humbuckers, blackouts, or single-coil pickup configurations. Some short scale guitars also feature a "hbz humbuckers" switch located near the bridge. The majority of hbz humbuckers use a metal plate to provide the vibration; they have a tone closer to that of a acoustic humbucker.

The Fender Mustang Deluxe also comes with a variety of different models, but we will discuss only two. The first model is the "American Beauty" model which features a classy flatwound pickup with three single-coil pickups. This model is similar to the Gibson Flying V and offers similar tonal characteristics. However, it does not have a whammy bar. The second model, the "Pro Series II" utilizes a gold-plated humbucker pickup located in the bridge position.

Fender's new model offering includes two models: the "American Beauty" hardtail model and the "Pro Series II". The standard model uses a hardtail string-through bridge, while the new series uses a vintage-style double cutaway humbucker pickup in the bridge position. To accommodate the vintage tone, the bridge has been relocated to a more convenient location. To further improve the sound of the vintage instrument, Fender used a vintage-style humbucker with two single-coil pickups for this model.

Fender also utilized four single-coil pickups for this model. It is also interesting to note that the "Pro Series II" is equipped with a humbucker bridge and has a whammy bar. Due to the increased versatility, it is possible to play harder and richer tones using only the whammy bar. Another feature found on the "Pro Series II" model is a pre-tuned tone control which allows the player to fine-tune the sounds emitted from these single coil pickups.

While this article is brief, I have discussed a few features which are commonly found on Fender-made short-scale guitars. My intention is not to list all of them, but to give an idea of the possibilities. In my opinion, there is nothing inherently wrong with utilizing one or two of these options. My goal is to educate the beginning guitar player so they can find out what they like, and what they do not.

A favorite of mine is the SXR Superiors. I have owned and played several of these instruments since they were introduced a few years ago. Like many SXR products, the Superiors provide a full range of electronic musical instruments, including lead, jazz, blues, classical, country, and even spanish licks (sx rst). The SXR Superiors are not inexpensive, but for someone who is looking to start out with an electric guitar, they are a great option.

Another interesting aspect of these kinds of instruments is the amount of flexibility that they offer. Depending on the model, a short-scale guitar can be played with a variety of neck shapes. The most common necks are:

The best short scale electric guitars will feature a "F" bridge, a "B" bridge, or a "C" bridge. The "F" bridge is also called a "thumbrest." This kind of bridge provides a nice, warm tone, and it allows you to reach the high notes easily. The "B" bridge is usually used for open chords, while the "C" bridge is good for creating floating chords.