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The Pros And Cons Of Different Snare Drum Heads

Snare drums are made from an acoustical foam rubber that is suspended by strings stretched around a drum head. Although originally calfskin snare drums were made, they now re very expensive and take constant care. Modern day calfskin snare drums are mostly used by a very small portion of world's percussionists. The other material now used to create snare drums is Kevlar that is very thick and usually only seen on marching drums now and back in the 70's. To most, it appears to be very thin and not thick at all.

A snare drum head has many parts and there are different types of head designs to go with the types of drums that they are made for. First there is the snare drum head itself. The drum head is the base of the instrument and is where you rest your hands when playing. There are many shapes and sizes of snare heads and there are as many different types as there are drums in general.

One of the most common and popular types of snare drum head is the aquarian shaped snare head. The most obvious reason to why this is so popular is the sound of the snare drum head coming out of the mouth. When the sound hits the foam rubber it creates a deep bass sound and because of this is a popular sound for many different types of music. Another reason why the aquarian shaped snare drum head is so popular is because it produces a different sound then the other two snare drum head shapes. This difference is mainly due to the fact that the sound is produced differently making it stand out from the other two.

If you are looking for snare drum heads for rock drummers then you are probably looking for something that has a slightly different sound to it. For rock drummers there are three very popular types of snare drum heads. These are the open faced snare drum head, the semi-open faced snare drum head and the closed faced snare drum head. Each of these heads have their own unique sound that is produced while playing.

The semi-open faced snare drum heads are probably the most popular that you will find on the market. These ones are normally open faced but there are some that are semi-close faced. These ones usually come in one color such as black but there are some that come in a variety of different colors as well. Some of the different colors that these ones come in include pink, red, yellow, silver, white, black and blue. One of the pros about this head is that it is easy to manipulate so it makes it great for beginners who want to start out with this type of instrument.

The next head on the list of snare drum heads that are considered pro drums is the closed faced snare drum head. This particular head is usually a little bit bigger than the other types and there are two kinds that are commonly available. The first head is the standard sized snare drum head which is 4 inches in diameter. The second head is the Ambassador coated snare drum head which is 16 inches in diameter.

One of the pros about these two heads is that they make it easy to move your snare drum kit around. Most people tend to stick with the same size drum set up but as you know everyone has their own personal taste. So if you are someone who likes to change up their drum set up from time to time then these might be the perfect head for you. Not only do they make it easy to move your equipment around but it also makes them very sturdy. The reason that they are sturdy is because they have the same size hoops in them that keep the different sizes of heads in place.

The final pro that we are going to look at is the material that most of the snare drum heads are made from. Most of the time the metal that is used is brass. However there are also some drums that use steel as well. So each pros and cons that were listed for the above drum sets will apply to the steel too. The only thing that is different is the feel and the overall look of the drum set.