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What Is A Soundcraft

The Soundcraft Si Expression is perfect for people going from analog to digital; for the experienced professional who still enjoys an old fashioned analog sound approach to mixing, or for those switching to digital for the very first time. The boards are capable of any function: live, broadcast, clubs, schools, churches, weddings, and so on. What sets this company apart from their competitors is that their boards come in a number of standard resolutions, so even if your sound quality is a bit on the poor side, you'll be able to compensate for it with an extra microphone input. That's right - a microphone input. In addition to standard resolutions, they also offer a unique line of Si Expression boards that offer different sound qualities for different applications. Here's a quick breakdown of the different sound qualities available from Soundcraft:

Standard Stereo Lexicon Effects Processors - These are high quality processors with knobs that respond individually to each input signal. By assigning channels to different segments of your audio tracks, you can get different sound results. Standard stereo channels provide mono sound and stereo channels offer stereo sound with the ability to pan. They're great for multitrack recordings and can be accessed with a laptop or desktop computer.

In-ears - A favorite among musicians, soundcraft recorders come with iious sound quality and built-in sound masking features. The iious sound processing processor section provides several sound enhancements like compressor and distortion. There is also an onboard voice coil processor that gives you the ability to control your vocals, bass, and other instruments with your voice itself. The faders are also extremely useful in the mixing process, allowing you to precisely control levels of sound coming from your monitors.

Digital Connectivity - All Soundcraft hardware and software have full digital connectivity. You can connect with other digital instruments or other computer programs through the iious digital output and Midi instrument input connectors. This allows you to send digital audio data to other digital devices like soundboards or other keyboards. The onboard USB port makes it easy to connect and transfer MP3 and WAV files as well. You can connect to your computer via the USB cable and use the built-in LCD screen to see what you are working on. The monitor has an anti-static wrist mount that prevents any damage from occurring to the monitor screen.

Compact Desk - Soundcraft's compact desk models are great for both home and professional applications. They feature midi inputs for most popular music platforms. They also have standard RCA outputs for connection to external speakers and monitoring systems. The compact desk has a total of nine standard analog outputs to connect to other devices. It also includes an RCA inputs for connecting headphones and microphones.

Line Inverter - The line inverter consists of a single unit that consists of two separate units. One is the input stage, which acts as a direct bus to the Pre amp section. The second unit consists of one or more buffering capacitors that allow the processed signal to be amplified to the speakers and output levels. The output impedances are chosen for their low level of distortion. There is one twelve bit digital input to control most sound modules and one eight bit line output that can process the DI signal.

Live Mixing Connectivity - The Live Mixing Console is designed to be very flexible and expandable. It can be connected to an external soundboard or server, but is not intended for internal recording or playback needs. It is designed to have very high compatibility with popular midi based softwares such as Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase and ProTools. It offers two line out connects to mono outputs (preamp and monitor), four mono in connects (headphone output, phantom lead, ground output and active monitor input), two connect pairs of eight bit/channels through a USB port to a computer for sequencing, two mono out connects for sending midi data to another sound card for recording, and up to five sends and receives of up to 48 channels each through a USB port. Some models may also offer direct connect and return/active monitoring options.

Audio Resolution - Sound craftions by Soundcraft include a unique technology called Audio Resolution, which is used in conjunction with the previously mentioned CV & VCA binaural tracking methods. The Audio Resolution system is used to determine the exact frequency response required for a particular application. It uses a set of CV & VCA filters which when triggered produce a specific desired frequency response. CV & VCA filters are combined with one or two other methods of audio resolution and this method allows for extremely precise monitoring and tracking, without any unwanted side-effects from added convolving artifacts.