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Soundswitch is an effective tool which can easily be utilized to send DMX music signals from your computer or Mac to an optional MixTrack pro key board. Soundswitch allows you to assign different lighting controls to various tunes which are stored on a customized grid. Soundswitch can also be used with Ableton Live, Traktor Pro, and other popular DJ software. The most important function of this device is that it allows direct connection between the mixer and the soundcard without any middlemen such as cables or adapter.

MixTrack pro is an exceptional DJ lighting control board. The three rows of mixer lights are extremely helpful when you are performing live performances at clubs, bars, or any other venue where live performances are required. You can keep the left hand up for a "live look" while the right hand is for a more classical feel. This function also allows you to flip between visual effects and sound modifications instantly. The built-in soundbank facility enables you to load one of your favorite DJ sounds, such as a kick, bass, hi-hat, or even a cymbal. Soundscape settings let you mix and play with the sounds of nature, while a randomize function lets you randomly change the intensity and mix of the lights.

The built-in sound palette lets users create and play back music with the beat of their choice. This means that you can create any song you wish. Another innovative function of Soundswitch is that it works as an analog sequencer. The built-in virtual keyboard enables users to generate chords, play musical instruments, and edit the audio track. This function also allows users to browse through the built-in virtual racks. The built-in virtual racks contain famous DJ tracks, radio stations, or other music genres.

Using a DJ mixer or light kit, the Light Switch allows you to transform your djs or other electronic gadgets into impressive lighting displays. Furthermore, you can change the intensity of the lights according to the mood that you want to create for the room. For example, if you want to create a dimmer light set up, the switch easily switches between bright and dim modes.

A superior quality DJ sound mixer or light kit is necessary to perform well in clubs or other live events. You can give the added boost to your sound and lighting setup by purchasing the appropriate soundswitch controller. The Sound Switch gives you total control over the brightness and color of the lights in the club. It makes it easy for club owners to customize the lighting setup and mix for every event.

One great feature of Soundswitch is that it can synchronize with various devices such as your iPod, computer, digital piano, and other music files. When one device is synced with the soundswitch, the other automatically updates with the current setting and also displays the set up time. This powerful tool enables you to set the right music track and also adjust it while it is in progress.

The built-in sound switch also allows the user to manually switch between Bright and Dim modes. In this way, the dj can effectively control the intensity of the lights during any given beat. The built-in soundswitch works in conjunction with the touch pad or with the on-screen tap controls for precise synchronization. When one of the light kits is selected, it displays the list of all the available sounds and the ability to remotely control them.

The ability to sync lighting and music files is very useful when a DJ is working on various beats and it requires him to manually switch between two different songs. Synchronizing the two files prevents interruptions while a DJ is working on another song. Using this new technology will enable a DJ to preview a song in real time and to change the music according to his preferences while on stage. With the new technology, any ordinary laptop can serve as a DJ soundswitch that enables the right DJ mix while mixing live audio files.