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Although on average, the cost of studio headphones is usually higher than gaming headphones, purchasing a well-rounded studio headphone is often a very good investment. With just a one-off payment, you could enjoy many years of superior sound quality from all the leading studio headphones. For this reason, they are well worth every penny. As technology develops at breakneck speeds, it is also inevitable that every pair of headphones will become outdated sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, although the majority of headphones in the market have been designed with gaming in mind, many are not. In fact, it often occurs that gamers discover that the original model they bought does not work well for their needs, and need to be replaced. This often results in an individual giving up their gaming habits altogether! However, with a carefully chosen set of studio headphones, there should be no need for this to happen.

The majority of studio headphones make use of what is called a "wide frequency response" to help ensure that the sounds produced by the headphones are of a decent quality. Unfortunately, however, not all headphones produce sounds of a consistently high quality. In fact, some models are particularly prone to having noises of only one frequency. To remedy this, most gamers purchase headphones that employ what is known as "anova engineering", whereby the different frequencies of the signal produced are adjusted to ensure that all sounds are of a consistently high quality.

Gamers will notice that a big part of the gaming experience is the crisp, clear and lively sounds produced through the speakers. To achieve this, most studio headphones use what is known as "analogue compression" technology. What this does is to enhance the "reverb" effects of the audio. This is achieved by the various little quirks within the circuitry. It is this technology which allows you to get all those great sound effects while playing your video games.

In addition to the above mentioned phenomenon, however, a lot of gamers have complained about a lack of clarity on some high-quality games. Although the audio is very crisp, it has been noted that it lacks a certain amount of high-quality sparkle and distortion. To combat this problem, most high-quality headphones utilize what is known as "analogue compression" circuitry. Digital sound compressors work by handling the volume levels and preserving the sound stage of the audio. The result is that the audio doesn't lose any of its original high-quality; in fact it is even able to increase it.

Of course, as important as the actual headphone itself is, its support system is just as crucial. Typically, a gaming headphone uses a gold-colored ear pad, a sturdy headband and a comfortable strap. The headband is usually made out of rubber or foam to provide a comfortable fit and to keep it from sliding around inside your ears. The ear pads are typically made out of soft fabric, but sometimes they are replaced with hypoallergenic foam to eliminate any possible allergy-inducing issues. Lastly, the strap is an adjustable loop system that helps to ensure a tight and secure fit.

Over-ear headphones are another type of studio headphone that you may want to consider if you are looking for superior sound reproduction and comfort. The biggest advantage of an over-ear headphone is the lack of wire that is required to connect your audio device to your ears. This allows users to simply put on their headphones and take off their typical headphones/headphones. Additionally, an over-ear headphone usually offers a much larger sound stage due to there being no wire connecting the audio device to your ears.

There are numerous other features that go into the making of a perfect pair of studio headphones, but these three are perhaps the most important. Make sure you consider the above details when comparing different models of over-ear and over-the-ear headphones. These three key specifications are the most important in the quest for the perfect gaming headphone. Other key specs include battery life and endurance. The battery life and endurance of a headphone are based mostly off the type of battery being used, but also depend on the level of connectivity technology used in the headphone. Some models offer battery life that rivals high-end stereo headsets, while others only offer limited capabilities.