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Types of Talman Acoustic Guitars

The Talman brand of guitars is manufactured by the Ibanez Corporation. The Ibanez brand is a very popular brand and many guitar players choose it for their instruments. The company produces a variety of guitars including sub-assembly models and the deluxe line of instruments. The company has been in business since the mid nineteen sixties.

The Talman line of guitars includes a variety of electric and acoustic models to choose from. The guitars range in price depending on the features that are included on each model. The deluxe guitar has a padded body and a deluxe preamp as well as a whammy bar, which is an extra sound element added to the standard guitar. Some of the guitars also have what is called a "thumbrest" attached to the bridge which raises and lowers the headstock when necessary.

The acoustic guitars range in price from about three hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The prices will generally include accessories such as an electronic humbucker, pickup switch, tremolo bar, whammy bar, and so forth. In addition to the guitars there is a wide range of sub-assemblies to go with them such as amplifiers, effects, wahs, cabinet wiring, etc. The quality of construction for the various components varies from one brand to another.

The most popular shape of the Talman acoustic guitar is the "deluxe". This is a large cutaway model which gives the player the ability to reach the high notes easily without having to reach over the strings. This helps the guitarist avoid damage to the sensitive upper portions of the sound hole. The deluxe model often has a locking tailpiece and/or a pickguard which makes it particularly suited to lead guitarists who like to keep everything close to them while they play.

Talman also makes a number of semi-acoustic models which are more affordable than the deluxe. These instruments are distinguished by having a round body, a thin body, and a fretted neck. One of the best features of these models is that they often have electronics and knobs included. The drawback to playing the guitar with such instruments is that they lack the projection that an electric model will give. They also tend to be a little less comfortable to play because of the shape and the thinness of the body.

Another popular shape for the Talman acoustic instrument is the "thule". This is a smaller model than the deluxe and is a good choice for a student as well as the occasional player. The thule is similar to a classical acoustic guitar but has a rounder and lighter body. It is the lightest of the models and the neck can be easily fitted with braces for proper fitting. Many of the cheaper thule models are made from inferior materials and will break much more easily than any of the models listed above.

The traditional and cheapest model of the Talman acoustic guitar is called the dreadnought. The dreadnought is similar to a classical acoustic guitar but has none of the heaviness normally associated with it. It is usually made from either nylon or leather. The instrument may come with one or two single-coil pickups or two dual-coil pickups.

A dreadnought is not suitable for a beginning guitar player. Even though it has a thin body it is not easy to hold down on and tends to shift around a lot. It is also typically a neck with a thick neck joint making it difficult for students to play chords. Many guitar players who use the dreadnought find that they need to purchase a cutaway model to get the best sound out of the instrument. Many of the new dreadnought models come with a neck locking plate but many older styles do not.