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The Trumpet is a very popular brass instrument most often used in jazz and classical ensembles. The trumpet ensemble ranges from the common piccolo trump to the grand bass trumpet, which is usually pitched one octave lower than the normal B��������� or C Trumpet, or one octave higher than the tenor voice. The trumpets range in size from the small piccolo to the large bass trumpet. Trumpet scales for all these instruments vary widely in their size and shape. The trumpet's shape depends on the diameter and height of the mouthpiece and the trumpet's rim.

The trumpet has several notes including the cornet note, the bass note (also called the baritone), the treble note, and the wash tone. The tubular bell of the trumpet is made of metal or plastic, and it is hollow from inside out so that it can easily be filled with air. When a string is struck by the air that is forced inside the bell vibrates causing it to produce sound. The trumpet's sound is unique because it has the feeling of a bird call that comes alive as it is played.

A variety of different metals and plastics are used in the manufacturing of the trumpet's mouthpiece. Typically, the lips of the instrument are made from plastic but there are exceptions such as the mouthpieces made from platinum. Typically, a trumpet's valve box is made from metal such as bronze, nickel, chrome, or brass. Plastic valves are used more frequently than metal valves.

The tuba is another type of Trumpet that is employed in ensembles and concert bands. The tuba is also a type of wind instrument. The tuba is similar to a chaconne, but its body is a bit shorter and wider than that of a chaconne. Instead of a bell, the body of a tuba is covered with thin strings of tuned metal which when struck produces a tone similar to that of a flute. The tuba is most commonly found in jazz bands.

A slide trumpet is another type of musical instrument that is commonly utilized by string bands. The slide trumpet is much smaller than the other brass instruments mentioned earlier. The slide trumpet's body is made of metal such as aluminum or zinc, and it has slides that can be adjusted. The instrument's mouthpiece is an elongated tube made of plastic. Slides play a large part in producing the trumpet's sound.

Trumpets are also made in various combinations with tubas and other instruments. Trumpets are available with or without the mouthpiece. Many Trumpet players prefer to play the instrument without a mouthpiece.

The most common combination of a trumpet and any other instrument is the flat-b-wide combination. This combination is known as a "tubular" Trumpet. A tubular Trumpet has three valves: a first valve that is opened and closed, a second valve that is open and a third valve that is connected to the mouthpiece so that it can be opened and closed. The instrument is covered with a steel tube known as a bore; this tube is wrapped around the neck of the trumpet and down to the fingertips. The bore of the modern trumpet is much smaller than that of the older models.

Trumpets are an extremely versatile brass instrument. They have been used to play an important role in music history. Their basic function was as a military instrument used in marching bands. Trumpets can be found in many homes. Brass instruments such as a trumpet and cornet have an airy sound, yet the deep tonal qualities of these instruments make them very attractive to many musicians.