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Three Superior Quality UAD Preamps

The UAD (Universal Digital Analog) is the standard digital audio interface found on nearly every portable digital audio interface microphone or headset. It connects to an audio device through Firewire or USB port using either data wiring or parallel mode connection. This device provides easy connectivity for both recording as well as mixing for most computer based audio interfaces. With two separate preamps and an optional SPDIF digital input, the Apollo Twin Ultra gives you plenty of input options for the budding songwriter or musician.

Connecting your multi-channel audio interface through the UAD-2 processor from the UAD Deluxe or Twin Ultra gives you ten independent preamp and recording channels with up to four separate processing power. Attaching your preferred multi-channel microphone preamp to the UAD-2 processor from the UAD Deluxe or Twin Ultra will give you ten separate mic preamps, which is more than sufficient to record even a smaller band without getting overbogged. The UAD-II processor adds another sixteen channels of processing power and is easily attached to the UAD interface or removed from the unit for subsequent recording sessions. The UAD II also incorporates a new compressor section allowing you to apply limiting and equalization to different parts of your mix.

Most professional musicians these days prefer using one powerful and flexible interface for their entire music system. However, they often have multiple pieces of hardware that they need to connect and work with. For example, they may use a desktop computer to process their Pro Tools recordings into digital audio, a laptop to make demos and edit them on the fly, and a mixer that connects to all of their other units for monitoring and playback. They may also use several different kinds of plugins for different purposes such as handling bass lines, vocals, or other composing elements. All of this requires an appropriate level of uad processing power in order to handle everything that might come at them.

Fortunately, there are many amazing uad plug-in models currently available. There are many types of emulations and each has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. Some uad plug-ins provide true analog sound, but some emulate more expensive software that offer better sounding digital solutions. The best thing to do is to experiment with different types of models until you find the right one for your needs.

A popular model is the uAD Analog Classic Universal Audio Plug-In. It provides great sounding uad sound through its twelve analog compressors and four distortion effects. Analog compressors are capable of very tight and detailed sound reproduction, allowing even the least expensive and most basic analog synthesizer to produce top-quality audio. Analog compressors are also a popular choice for VSTs, and many well-known popular audio software applications use analog compressors as part of their user interface.

The uAD-2 satellite thunderbolt emulator is another great choice for sound recording and mixing applications. Like the analog classic, the uAD-2 provides true analog sound through its sixteen digital signal processing units and one hundred and eighty five MB of RAM. This makes the uAD-2 satellite version ideal for use with any digital recording studio application or even a digital audio workstation (DAWs). The uAD-2 also contains two oscillators which are useful for generating sample and buffer tracks.

The uAD Master Control USB Audio Interface is also another popular choice among sound recording and mixing professionals. Like many popular uAD plug-ins, it is equipped with four sample pads and sixty-eight MIDI commands which allow it to integrate with popular audio workstations such as Cubase, ProTools, Sonar, and Digital Performer. Its sixteen bit/channel multi- sampling sound card delivers accurate and rich audio quality via its Analog Vibrolo capability and Vibratile Waveform (Vibrate) control. The uAD Master Control is compatible with most major computers and digital workstations, and comes with a software CD that contains its operating and setup instructions.

The uAD Gold Control Audio Interface offers professional audio interface solutions that incorporate all of the benefits of the uAD Neve and the uAD 2-chip. It offers sixteen channels of Class A audio playback which enables you to connect your audio interface directly to Neve. With the uAD Gold Audio Interface you can also process two independent 16 bit/channel signals with sixteen inputs. Its hardware control interface also supports up to six different plug-in modules which include compressor, EQ, enhancers, compression, Noise gate, gating, asymmetric compression, equalizer, asymmetric expansion, attack delay, chorus delay, noise shaping, and envelope follower.