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Univibe - An Effects Pedal For Charming Sound Effects

Divibe Effects Dupli Vibe [photocells] - $ 229/c 185. Other than that this is actually one of the very best Vibe pedals on the market - and I have been tempted many times to add on to my collection. Unlike many other phaser pedals, however, this isn't achieved without the usage of op-amps. So what does this Divibe thing do? Well, it makes my guitar sound like a pedal steel!

What's more, the Divibe Effects duplicates all the great sounds from my trusty Diva Plus pedals (both the true bypass with true phasing). The true bypass effects pedal gives me a darkish sound that can be used to create a classic tone - but also the illusion of a real electric effect pedal. The true bypass phasing gives me another variation on that theme. If you're not sure what I'm talking about you can try comparing the sounds of a real electric pedal with those of an opamp.

By the way, by the time you are done reading this univibe review, you may want to look up the fulltone effects section because there is an effect called "fulltone". It's not an actual sound, but it is what you will hear when you plug in your electric guitar effect pedals. This is a feature that was added with the univibe and I really like it. There is an orange and red setting that goes great with the univibe.

For something a bit less expensive, try the univibe osculation effects pedal. It uses the same OSC analog rotary speaker technique as the univibe. One of the nice things about the univibe osculation effects pedal is that it can run on battery or AC power. Which if you think about it, that makes it a little more convenient since you don't need an amp!

If you're more interested in vintage metal or hard rock tones, the univibe has two kinds of effects pedals available. There are what are known as the "classic" effects pedals and then there is the modern distortion pedal. Both have volume control, bass and treble wammy bar, phase control, tremolo and tone knobs. The modern distortion pedal is digital and can run off one of the many computers that are now available. There is even a USB version for your computer.

One of the neat features on the univibe is the ability to turn up the volume without turning up the overall tone. A nice feature is the four level knob with an intensity control. By varying the amount of intensity you set this knob, you can achieve very bright sounds or very dark sounds. The volume knob lets you vary it from a subtle setting to a very hard on setting.

If you really want to get into the tone, you can turn on the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe Guitar effect pedal. This amazing little pedal allows you to play lead guitar as if you were playing a real instrument. All you do is stomp on the pedal to start. It replicates a acoustic guitar effect without all of the bulky, heavy hardware. You can use the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe guitar effect pedal with the univibe for a warm and shimmering lead sound or as an alternate tuner for your other stomp controls.

What I find most useful on the uni-vibe pedal is that it is so easy to use. By using the foot pedal, you can change the pitch of the sound rather easily from a nice mellow to a more distorted sound. The wah button helps to create a smooth creamy sound as well. The overall tone of the uni-vibe is not one to be ignored, and it does have some great sound effects.