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Yamaha Apx500Iii

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Yamaha Apx 500III

Priced and constructed with intermediate to advanced guitarists in mind, the Yamaha APX500iii is relatively easy to play. While not exactly as easy on the ears as the list on top best acoustic beginner guitar lessons guide, it's still a good choice, especially for intermediate players seeking to begin playing. And like many good guitars, the Yamaha does have its advantages over other less expensive guitars that you might be tempted to buy for your personal guitar collection. So before you go shopping for your next investment, here's what you need to know about Yamaha's latest creation.

What Yamaha APX 500III sounds like? It's got the familiar Yamaha sound, but also has been spruced up a bit. With a fresh coat of paint under the finish, Yamaha has created a new appearance for this entry level guitar. The most noticeable difference is that instead of being flat and dull, the Yamaha apx500 iii features a brighter color scheme and warmer tone. It comes complete with a vintage sunburst and a pair of "D" series necks.

Along with the classic look and feel of a Yamaha guitar, one of the best parts of this model is the yamaha apx500iii's ability to provide great guitar sound for the money you pay. Its sturdy neck is made of all-weather hardwood and the fingerboard has been lightly sanded to allow for better accuracy and tone control. The jasmine s35 sound that comes through is warm, melodic and smooth.

Speaking of tone, the Yamaha Apx 500III performs accordingly. You get plenty of high notes and deep bass notes from its low end. When it comes to power, this model rocks the boat. Its built-in non-scalloped x bracing system allows it to handle fast picking. Even though it only has medium frets, this model still sounds great and holds its own against many heavy-duty guitars.

If you're looking for a perfect guitar for an experienced player who wants versatility, then the Yamaha Apx500iii is perfect. This model is very stable and accurate. With its thick sound board and large coil spring bridge, you get a powerful start. But if you want more high notes, then you need a lot of volume and maybe some distortion.

On the brighter side, Yamaha's new model also sports a nice onboard tuner. The yamaha apx 500 iii has an onboard tuner that allows you to tweak the guitar's B note frequency for extra strings. Once you get comfortable with tuning the guitar, you can use the tuner to change the whole tone of the guitar.

One characteristic of the Yamaha Apx 500III that sets it apart from other acoustic-electric guitars is its Ready Player system. The ready player system offers acoustic guitar players tons of features, but in addition gives you the convenience of a pickup that goes into your ear. This pickup is not like the ones found on other guitars. This model features two capsules, one to add the sound of the strings to the signal, and the other to capture the other signal produced by the amplifier. This allows you to change cables and amp settings without disturbing those around you. The yamaha apx500iii makes changing sounds simple.

And speaking of cables, this model comes standard with a thinline body design that provides extended playing distance. And unlike most guitars that have thinlines, this one has a thickbody design that makes sure you stay in contact with the strings. No wonder this model rocks! With a thinline body and standard clip in bridge, the Yamaha Apx500III delivers powerful tone.