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Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Review


Guitar Tricks provides step by step system, user-friendly site, short video lessons with helpful tools and high-quality videos.

It  is so great for beginners and mid-level students. 


It’s the era of digitalization.

More and more people are opting in learning guitar, or instruments in general, online. The past years we have seen a rise in the number of sites that offer online courses. And with the rise of competition, these sites are getting better and cheaper.

I am a guitar player and tutor myself, so I decided to write some online guitar lesson reviews to help my students and anyone interested in learning guitar.

One of the leaders in online guitar learning is Guitarpicks.com.

This site is our main topic for review today, so let’s dig in.


I did the research on Guitar Tricks, so you don’t have to

I went through a lot of Guitartricks.com reviews and tried the site myself together with my own students.

Guitartricks offers an easy system, with a website that is very user-friendly.

Guitar Tricks for Beginners

The site is well thought of and at the same time effective, especially for beginners. It is intended for all levels of guitar players, with over 11,000 lessons from 32 tutors and musicians.

The beginning stage of learning guitar is very delicate. From my personal experience as a guitar player and a tutor I know that if the assignments set by the tutor are too complicated or too passive, it can backfire and slow down the student’s progression. With that the learning becomes boring.

This is the crucial time where the student will either stick with learning to play guitar or quit.

This is rarely the case with Guitartricks, which is one of the reasons they are at the very top of the game. I strongly recommend it for beginner levels.

Guitar Tricks for Intermediate Players

For mid-level players, Guitartricks is also a great solution. It offers a large number of techniques, exercises, and styles that will definitely hold your attention and help you make progress in your learning.

Guitar Tricks for Experience or Advanced Guitarists

As an experienced guitar player, I wouldn’t recommend Guitartricks to other experienced players, because the difficulty level of the lessons is limited for advanced players.

The only use advanced players can have from Guitartricks is if they want to go deeper into studying a specific artist. That is the only benefit I would have from this product.

But considering you can always sign up for Guitartricks free trial that lasts 14 days, it’s worth to try it and see for yourself.

Something I consider a downside is the lack of assignments. It is very hard to determine if you have mastered the lesson before going to the next. This is especially true for beginner players that still can’t be objective in their assessment.


Guitar Tricks In layman’s terms

One of the reasons why Guitartricks is amongst the top online lesson sites is their successful step by step program. It’s based on short video lessons, up to 10 minutes, a format that I personally favor.

In each video, there is a balance in presenting new info. This avoids confusing content or overcrowding of information.

So far, let’s break it down.

What exactly are you getting with Guitar Tricks?

Now let’s look at all the characteristics of Guitartricks and its sections.

Its main menu is easy to use and it’s pretty much what you would expect. Divided into standard sections based on student level.

If you are a total beginner you will be surprised by how Guitartricks lays down the foundations for learning. The gradual breakdown of the components of the lesson and the relatively quick pace in learning the basics of playing. The first level covers open string chords and their combination, simple melodies, timing, and rhythm.

The advanced level lessons are for those students that want to dig into specific styles from which blues, rock, and country lessons are the most common.

The other styles available are acoustic, bluegrass, classical, funk and soul, jazz, metal, rockabilly, surf, and world music. You’ll find a lot of options when choosing the playing technique – picking, fingerstyle, bending, vibrato, hammering, tapping, legato, etc.

There are also courses which are focused on analyzing specific artists which can be a huge source of ideas for what to learn next.

The exercises consist of finger stretching, quick chord change, scales, and warm-up sessions. Another useful part of the advanced level lessons is the advice on equipment and creating sound. Choosing a guitar, amp and effects can be challenging, especially if you at the stage of building your sound and recognizability.

Learning how to play actual songs is one of the most interesting parts of Guitartricks, and one of the best advantage of the site. The combo of short lessons with few speed levels, the loop element, as well as the high quality of the videos and their division into sections in accordance to each song is phenomenal.

The song selection is wide, even though there is a lack of songs from advanced guitar players such as Steve Vai, Satriani, John Petrucci, Van Halen etc. The songs are sorted out into few categories based on popularity, title, level, artist, style, and instructor, an option where you can learn a song from a tutor whose style of teaching you like and find effective.

The toolbox is a very useful part of Guitartricks. In it, you can find a metronome, jam station with backing tracks, tabs, terms and chord signs. As much as any toolbox is useful to a craftsman, the Guitartricks toolbox is a great addition to the site.

Once we’ve seen all the perks, the question remains – how much does guitar tricks cost? And more importantly – is it worth it?

My advice – if you are thinking of using Guitartricks, don’t rush into it. There are two ways to try Guitartricks before knowing if you are investing your money in the right place.

The first way is to become a basic member where you have 24 lessons and you have limited access to Tutorials, Technique Reference Library, Expanded Faculty, Jam station, Expanded Artist Categories, and Community Features. With this membership, you don’t have access to the Metronome & Tuner, Active Subscriber Help and the Personalized Features.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

This is a decent way to try Guitartricks but doesn’t show you the whole picture of what you will be getting if you actually invest in full membership. This is when the free trial comes into play. It’s free 14-day membership that will grant you full access to everything on the site, plus it is ad-free. This is the best option to try the product before you decide if Guitartricks will work for you. If you are dissatisfied after the 14-day trial, you can always cancel your membership.

Guitartricks cost is 19.95$ per month which is up fine considering it’s a high profile site. The yearly guitar tricks cost is 196$ which can save you up to 25%, this is very common with monthly versus yearly membership subscription. So you have another reason to really be sure if you want to sign up for guitar tricks. If you take anything from this guitar tricks review, let it be that you make the most out of your free trial before you pay for the full membership, especially if you are looking to invest for a full year.

When changing the monthly subscription into yearly, there is a small perk of adding the time that you have left to your full subscription which makes sure you don’t lose any time you have paid for. It’s a small thing, but everything is a plus in the eye of the buyer.

With the 25% savings, the yearly guitar tricks price is definitely more attractive than paying each month.

With the full guitar tricks pricing, you get 4 bonus presents – song builder tools, theory lessons, blues jam tracks, and rock jam tracks. As I said, it’s a small thing, but it’s the small things that make the experience better.

And hey, if you are not satisfied you can always use the 30-day money back option.

I might seem frugal, but this Guitartricks.com review aims at saving you from spending your money in vain. It would be silly if you go ahead and pay full membership and then realize there was a Guitartricks coupon that you could’ve used and saved money. There are a lot of guitar tricks coupons available around different holidays or sales so make sure you seek them out. These coupons can save you up to 60% of your first month which will come to 7.98$. The same coupons can save you up to 20% off from your yearly membership.

So make sure you look for a guitar tricks coupon code before you make your first buy. So fart Guitartricks have been pretty obvious in advertising their sales which is a plus for both sides, the site, and its customers. As we know, people love a good deal. So ask not how much is guitar tricks, but rather is there a guitar tricks coupon I could use.

Guitar Tricks Consumer Reviews

To avoid being biased and base this article solely on my own experience with my students, I wanted to see what people from all over the world think about Guitartricks. So I went online and started reading guitar tricks reviews, comments etc. I wanted to gather as much information as I could. And I have to say, people seem to like it. Most of the reviews I found in most parts affirmed my own thoughts about Guitartricks.
Here are just some of the reviews that I found interesting.

Guitar Tricks Review 1

Guitar Tricks Review 2

Guitar Tricks Review 3

Guitar Tricks Alternatives

There are a lot, not all of them are good. I’ve chosen to review three of the closest competitors to Guitartricks.

Fender play is another website that offers guitar lessons online.
It consists mainly of the same components as Guitartricks. There are lessons for beginners, advanced lessons, the most popular styles, songs, and tips.

The pricing is on an affordable level of $19.99 monthly. There’s always an option to start a free trial that lasts 30 days

A minor minus is that there is no subscription for a longer period of time so the buyer won’t be able to save money if he plans long-term use.
Fender play works similarly to guitar tricks but comes out weak when compared with guitar tricks.

Another alternative is the site Truefire.

Truefire separates itself from the previous two because it’s not intended for beginners or learning specific songs.

There is no step by step program so it can be confusing for beginners. But for advanced players, there’s a lot of lessons (more than 2500) intended to upgrade the level.

Truefire is one of the few places where you can find classrooms and workshops.

The pricing is similar to guitar tricks. You can start with a 30-day free trial followed by 19$ a month or $ 199 annually.

This is a site that I recommend only if you are an advanced guitar player.

Guitarjamz is another web platform for online guitar learning that offers a lot of lessons for beginners and mid-level guitarists.

The lessons for learning songs, in my opinion, are too long. They are overwhelmed with irrelevant information which can distract from the main goal.
Another thing that I find as bad is that there’s only one teacher.

No teacher can cover all levels, styles, and techniques. Instead, most of the lessons are surface-covered.

Prices are much more expensive, especially for shorter periods. One good thing is that they have free lessons on youtube. So you can get an idea of what the paid lessons would look like.

There are four ways to access the lessons.

First, there are 3 days free trial. The monthly premium access costs $29 which is more expensive than the previous three sites.

Then you have 3 months for $75 and annual premium access that costs only $139. This way

you save 63%. But I think it is not worth it because the lessons can’t provide enough quality for one full year.

Also, they have DVD lessons that are again, too expensive, considering the limited information.
GuitarJamz is the last on the list of alternatives.

In conclusion – is it worth it?

So let’s get to the bottom of this Guitartricks review. My opinion is that Guitartricks is a site that offers one of the best programs for online guitar lessons.

It’s intended for people that can’t find a good tutor in their area or are having difficulty creating their own lessons and looking for guitar exercises.

The step by step system, the user-friendly site, the short video lessons with helpful tools and high-quality videos are all part of what makes Guitartricks so great for beginners and mid-level students. And the free trial period with the affordable subscription is a definitive plus. You can learn guitar in an engaging and affordable way.

So once you’ve done the research and tried it for free, there is no reason not to buy the full year subscription if you are really serious in taking guitar lessons.

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