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pedro hidalgo

GuitarTricks vs JamPlay

Nowadays, it’s easy to learn anything online, and for learning how to play the guitar, you have several options to choose from: membership sites, courses, and one-on-one online lessons.

For membership sites, Jamplay and GuitarTricks are two of the best platforms around and they both offer an amazing guitar education for a reasonable price.

GuitarTricks is one of the front-runners in online guitar tuition and they opened shop around 1998. They taught thousands of guitar players around the world to great success with their flagship Core learning System.

Jamplay exists since 2006 and quickly rose the ranks as one of the best places to learn guitar online. The quality of instruction is second to none and you have the chance to learn from several world-class players.

So how do they compare and which one is better?

Without further ado, let’s start our Jamplay vs GuitarTricks review.

Site Navigation and User Experience

This is the part where both sites come close in terms of features and the overall learning experience, and both offer an easy-to-navigate platform. They are also similar in terms of colors and feel. 

We think GuitarTricks looks more personal and easier on the eye although Jamplay is not very far behind.

In terms of information architecture, both platforms have a similar design regarding how they display their lessons. For instance, you have song notes and tabs below the video player and breakdown of the lessons available on the sidebars of both. 

The similarities don’t stop here as either GuitarTricks and Jamplay offers an almost identical set of features regarding their video engine such as playback speed control, video looping and multi-camera- angles.

They are both very similar in terms of site navigation and overall user experience so declaring a winner might be unfair, but we still think GuitarTricks has a small edge.

Winner: GuitarTricks

Curriculum and Courses

This is the core of every membership site and both platforms offer an incredible selection of thousands of hours of effective guitar instruction.

On GuitarTricks everything starts with their Core Learning System and this is the advisable path to take to get the most out of your subscription.

Here is how you learn on GuitarTricks

  • Guitar Fundamentals 1
  • Guitar Fundamentals 2
  • Blues Guitar 1
  • Blues Guitar 2
  • Country Guitar 1
  • Country Guitar 2
  • Rock Guitar 1
  • Rock Guitar 2

As expected with online education, you can jump around and take any courses at will but for beginners, we recommend starting at Guitar Fundamentals 1. For those guitarists with already some experience under their belts, there are several insightful and challenging courses such as Country Guitar 1 and Blues Guitar 2.

For many people, the will to learn how to play the guitar comes from the desire of learning their favorite songs and at GuitarTricks you can learn several songs at different difficulty levels. A great way to expand your repertoire and learn things that you can later implement in your music.

At Jamplay, the curriculum is broader and has four specific stages and like with GuitarTricks you can watch any of them in any order without following a specific order.

Here is how Jamplay presents the different stages of learning in their platform:

  • Beginners
  • Genres & Skills
  • Songs
  • Songwriting

In every section, there are several courses although in the beginner’s section things lack structured learning compared to GuitarTricks. 

The other sections have a lot to offer for the intermediate to advanced guitarist with the many courses for us to mention but you can check them out here. 

We feel that GuitarTricks offers a better experience for less experienced players as their Core Learning System has taught thousands of beginners to become competent players. 

Jamplay has a mind-blowing amount of valuable information available through their courses, but we feel is better suited for players who already have some fundamental knowledge. This section is close, and we feel it’s so close that it should be a tie.

Winner: Tie

Roster Of Teachers

This is probably the most important category and both platforms offer a wealth of qualified teachers. Let’s start with GuitarTricks, although not so many notable names as Jamplay, they still have some notable names such as Anders Mouridsen and Mike Olekshy. There is a good mix of different styles, age and approaches still offering you, the guitar student, a top-notch guitar education.

Although there are amazing teachers on GuitarTricks, this is the area where it’s hard to compete with JamPlay. With almost 90 teachers on their rooster, including notable names such as Bumblefoot (Guns N’ Roses), Rob Flynn (Machine Head), Tobin Amosi (Animals as Leaders) and Nick Catanese. There are also several less prominent but equally talented roster of teachers.

Another interesting feature of Jamplay is the fact that you can learn songs directly from the artists that created them. For example, you can learn several songs from an acoustic guitar hero Kaki King herself. So in our eyes, Jamplay wins in this category.

Winner: Jamplay

Song List

Unlike trying to learn songs from incomplete free YouTube videos, by becoming a member of either Jamplay or GuitarTricks you have a huge library of licensed-ready songs to learn. 

GuitarTricks has a massive library of songs covering almost any style and skill level. With over 700 songs on offer, there is something for everyone, whether you are a rock guitarist or a blues enthusiast.

On Jamplay they offer a diverse library of songs but with considerably fewer options compared to GuitarTricks but similar in quality and resources available. 

As mentioned before, there are few places where you can learn songs directly from the artists that wrote them.

Even though Jamplay has an awesome song library, we still fell GuitarTricks offers the best value for the beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarists.

Winner: GuitarTricks

Bonus Content

Besides countless hours of quality instructions, both platforms also come neck to neck regarding additional content and bonus material. For instance, on both GuitarTricks and JamPlay you have access to helpful tools such as a metronome, a tuner, and a chord finder app.

Although GuitarTricks has been around for longer, JamPlay put a lot of effort into maximizing the value they bring to fellow guitarists. Their Artist Series is an amazing place to learn from and interact with several professional musicians and learn their playing and compositional secrets.

Another awesome extra in JamPlay is you can join daily live Q&A sessions, therefore, you have several opportunities to interact with your instructors at no additional cost.

To avoid getting left behind, GuitarTricks recently introduced a Full Access section where you can have a live one-on-one lesson or in small groups with one of their instructors. Although a nice idea, it’s a service not included in their regular subscription and it’s prone to additional charges.

This is an easy win for Jamplay as we feel this extra features add a lot more value to your subscription and also allow you to get real feedback from their instructors.

Winner: JamPlay


After this review, is not surprising to conclude that both GuitarTricks and Jamplay are at the forefront of online guitar education and you won’t go wrong if you learn through any of them.

In the scorecards, they both have two wins and one tie and which one you choose depends on your specific goals. We think GuitarTricks is the best suitable for beginners and intermediate players, their song library is second to none and their core learning system ensures you will learn in a very structured way.

For the more adventurous player, Jamplay is the best choice as you have the chance to learn from several notable players and get pro tips on things like tone, phrasing, and recording.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your guitar, choose your favorite platform and get to work on improving your playing.