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takelessons.com Review




TakeLessons is an online marketplace for a variety of lesson subjects, including music, performing arts, academics and tutoring, computer skills, beauty and style, crafts and hobbies, cooking/culinary arts, health and wellness, language, sports and fitness, visual arts, and more.


Takelessons is an online platform that provides private lessons in a variety of areas such as Music, Performing Arts, Computer Skills and Academic Tutoring. 

The idea behind the site is to facilitate the learning process by allowing prospective students to find the perfect teacher for them within the comfort of their home.

For the guitar player, takelessons.com can be a practical alternative to traditional guitar lessons but is it the best value for your money?

In this in-depth review, we will go over the platform and highlight what can you expect as a student and we will shed some advice on getting the most out of your lessons and how to find the best teacher for you.


The platform

As with most sites that offer private lessons online, the platform is responsible for approving instructors so you should expect a certain level of experience and quality.

The site navigation is straight-forward and the user interface is clean and functional making it easy to navigate through the site.

How does it work?

Unlike most membership sites takelessons.com works similar to going to a real music school where you can choose your teacher and meet with him once a week for private lessons. 

The main advantage is that you can choose teachers from all over the world and each with their expertise. It’s an interesting concept and if you decide private lessons are suitable for you, it can help you save time and money since you don’t need to commute to a physical location.

The benefit of it all is that you can test several styles of teaching from the comfort of your home until you decide which person is suitable for leading you on your guitar journey.

The process is pretty simple, after signing-up and completing your profile details and choosing your payment method, you can instantly start searching for guitar lessons.

Once on the site, you have access to a functional search box where you can use keywords for searching exactly what you are looking for, for example, you can type Acoustic Blues Guitar or Electric Jazz Guitar and a search query will appear with teachers that match your description.

On top of the navigation bar, you have a couple of options to refine your search, you can choose the price range, location, and availability. Most teachers on the site are available for online lessons but depending where you live, there is the option to choose someone that teaches in your residence.

Selecting the Right Teacher

The quality of your experience on takelessons.com will depend on who you choose to teach you. Unlike most membership sites such as GuitarTricks, JamPlay, and GuitarInstructor where you can conveniently switch from several instructors at will, on takelessons.com this will have some financial impact if you end up unhappy with the person you selected.

By filling out a form with your preferences, the site’s internal algorithm will display qualified teachers that suit best your current learning objectives. From there you can book an appointment with your chosen instructor and select the frequency you would like to have lessons. 

At takelesson.com you can choose the duration of the lesson and you have four options:

  • 30 minutes 
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes

Once you selected the teacher for you, there is the possibility to save money when you book many lessons in bulk. The price will vary according to the teacher’s credentials and experience.

One thing to note is, the site takes a 40% commission on the price you pay for the lessons which mean teachers might account for this and depending on the situation it could get expensive for you.


In comparison with guitar-specific sites such as GuitarTricks, JamPlay, and ArtistWorks, takelessons.com lacks in the number of quality resources available. There are no tools to help you out such as a tuner, metronome or a chord finder.

At the time of this writing, the only helpful resource available is their guitar blog where there are some interesting articles packed with tips and tricks for beginners. For people with already some experience, their blog won’t add much value to your skill set so we recommend publications such as Guitarist, Guitar Player, and Guitar World.

Is it worth it?

The overall learning experience on takelesson.com will depend on several factors such as your goals as a guitar student, your chosen teacher, and their qualifications and experience.

We recommend that when searching for a teacher you carefully review their profile and ratings and check comments and testimonials to ensure you choose a teacher best suitable for your needs.

In a nutshell, takelessons.com will be suitable mainly for beginners in need of grasping the basics such as how to strum, pick and move chord shapes and would like the support of a teacher.

For guitarists with more experience, takelessons.com might not be the best value for your money because at this level you should have enough knowledge to learn through video lessons. In this case, we think joining a membership site such as GuitarTricks, JamPlay, ArtistWorks, and ActiveMelody would benefit you the most.


Takelessons.com has a lot to offer for guitar players as an alternative to traditional private lessons. Overall the site provides a smooth experience to help you get the most out of your time and money. 

The site’s rating system helps you gather information about an instructor’s competence. and gives you the option to read comments from previous students so you can decide who to pick.

As we previously mentioned, takelessons.com might be ideal for players who would like a little push from a qualified instructor and want to ensure they start splaying guitar the right way. However, we think if you are currently at an intermediate playing level, takelessons.com might get expensive for you and there are better options online such as GuitarTricks, JamPlay, Infinite Guitar and Active Melody.