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Mr. Dj PA1000 Subwoofer, Black
  • Product Type :Sound And Recording Equipment
  • Package Dimensions :33.02 Cm L X33.02 Cm W X22.86 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :China
  • Package Weight :1.0Lbs

Buyer's Guide: Cheap Subwoofer

Cheap Subwoofer - How to Choose a Cheap Subwoofer That Will Last

Choosing the perfect cheap subwoofer is sometimes a daunting task, particularly if you're not too familiar with the various details and cabinet layouts. If you would like to have the absolute Best Cheap Subwoofer Under $100, using your strongest, throbbing fingers and beeping, this article will definitely help you obtain a great deal yet for lowest frequencies that rocks you right up like in your favorite movie theaters! First things first, you must know that there are two types of subwoofers, namely, Indoor and Outdoor. An outdoor subwoofer is specifically made to be placed outside on the balcony, deck, or a balcony. These types usually come with their own enclosure, which is made out of reinforced aluminum and protected by a weatherproof finish.

For indoor purposes, an indoor subwoofer is typically the one used to power a DVD player, stereo set, or your favorite television. With an indoor model, the sound is amplified by what's known as an acoustic chamber. In an acoustic design, the sound is amplifies by a thin metal or foam surround. Most modern day acoustic enclosures are extremely compact and can be easily folded to save space.

There are a few convenience features that most subwoofers now come standard with and they include line-level inputs and convenient features such as bass management. Line level inputs allow you to connect your iPod or other device directly to your subwoofer. Line level outputs allow you to plug in your speakers without connecting them to your amplifiers. Most line level outputs also feature a tuner which allows you to vary the strength or tone of the bass from the main speaker.

A convenient addition to many subwoofers today is a remote control. A remote with a direct grip buttons allows you to easily control the volume of your speaker from any room in your home. The frequency response of the subwoofer is optimized by this feature allowing you to adjust the frequency response of the speaker without having to turn on and off the amplifier.

Many people prefer a subwoofer that comes with a built-in air conditioning system. The built-in air conditioner takes the incoming sound vibrations and combines them with pressure changes within the speaker cone. This allows the subwoofer to produce a louder volume and a firmer audio tone. An amplifier without this capability will not have the capability of producing a realistic bass.

Some of the better car audio subwoofers also have the ability to produce audible effects such as echo and sound bounce. These added effects help bring life to your home theatre system. Many times it is the extra bounce that makes a subwoofer the better choice for your home theatre.

Most good quality subwoofers come with a built-in tweeter. The tweeter optimizes the speaker output by enhancing the overall audio quality of the speaker. They should be located behind the woofer in order to maximize sound clarity. Tweeter frequencies tend to run cooler which improves bass output. On the rear side of the subwoofer, you will see a filter that cleans the sound before sending it to the amplifier. This filter helps to reduce crossover distortion.

When buying a subwoofer, one should always look for the best combinations of size, frequency response, power, and durability. Most manufacturers offer a few basic specifications such as wattage, peak power, and LFE frequency. However, if you are looking for a specific bass impact, you should consider the dimensions (H x W x D). The dimensions (H,W,D) indicate the amount of "breakaway" vertically. Most units are equipped with a rubber surround; however, some models come with rubber surround and plastic surround.