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Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder 1" Black
  • Built in stereo microphone and voice operated recording
  • Three recording options: wide/stereo, narrow/focus and normal
  • Quick charge; up to 1 hour recording time, with 3 minute charge
  • Easy to use user interface and recording level indicator

Read More About Digital Voice Recorder

A digital voice recorder is basically a sound recording machine usually used to either record live speech for transcription or to write to or play back on a computer. It often comes with tape recorder and digital voice recorders. These devices are used by people in all walks of life to do a wide variety of tasks. It is not uncommon to see one in an office setting or in the home of a parent or teacher instructing young children.

With the introduction of smartphones to the market, it is now possible to take full advantage of such devices. The most common use for a smartphone recording device is as a video recorder. This type of digital voice recorder is called a camcorder as it can be used to film something or gather information on a certain subject. The downside is that it cannot record sound as well as a standard audio device can but it can still capture the video feed without any loss of clarity.

Another use of these devices is to use them for dictating or speaking aloud for purposes of training. They can be programmed so that when a person speaks they will automatically record to play on a recoding device. Some digital voice recorders come with speech recognition technology that allows it to instantly recognize words and place them into the recording. It then uses the device's built in storage to save the recordings onto the device.

Recording in this manner also offers the option of making two or more identical recordings. The second option is known as multi-room recording wherein it lets a person record in more than one room. In this way it is possible to gather more data on one device rather than the traditional multiple recording devices used in the past.

One of the most common uses for a digital voice recorder is to use it for its primary function of recording voice. This is usually where the device differs from the memory card based devices as it has a hard drive to store the digital files. It also comes in various formats so that the files can be transferred between different devices or over a network. There are also some models that allow transfer of the data directly to memory cards.

Another popular function for the best digital voice recorders is the ability to take notes or make voice memos. Note taking applications are especially designed for these types of devices because they have the physical elements of the pen and the paper used for writing. Since there is no physical media to transfer the data, the digital files can be directly transferred to the user's computer.

Among the various types of digital voice recorders, the most expensive ones tend to be the USB enabled units. The USB type tends to have a larger hard drive and more memory than the units that use the FireWire interface. Although the prices for these types tend to be higher, they are ideal for recording lectures or seminars and other types of large audio recordings. It is also useful if you want to transfer the data to an external hard drive or you need to take notes on the fly. If you plan on recording lectures or seminars on a regular basis, then you should look into the availability of several different models and how the files are transferred.

Many people consider buying digital voice recorders for use in their homes. The truth is that these audio recording devices are mostly ideal for use in either business or academic settings because of their convenience. In fact, many homes now come equipped with these types of devices because of the increasing demand for portable audio recording devices. You can now enjoy the benefits of having easy-to-use audio recorders in your own home without the hassle of transporting them.