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Dj App

DJ Studio 5
  • Skinnable decks with up to 7 skins!
  • 8 sound effects: Flanger, Phaser, Gate, Reverb, Bit crusher, 3D, Brake and FlippingDouble
  • 3-bands equalizer for each deck
  • 10 customizable sample pads

Buyer's Guide: Dj App

How to Use Apple Devices to Play DJ Apps Using Cross Dj App?

If you have a new laptop or smartphone, especially one that's capable of connecting to the Internet, you should download the free Dj App (Djayboard). A great feature-packed, DJ application for mobile devices that enables you to listen to your favorite music across multiple platforms and with all the latest DJ software effects. With the free version, you can scan and instantly locate your favorite artists and songs - perfect for club and other live events. The application features a huge range of synthesizer and effect sounds, as well as virtual DJ mixes.

DJ Apps for both iOS and Android provide high quality sound effects and a wide range of synthesis settings, giving you the ability to mix with ease from any DJ application on the market. The two most popular dj apps, DJ Jay One and Dj Mix Pts, are fully compatible with iPhone and iPad and offer two player modes,'scan' and'queues'. In addition to the two players, each comes equipped with a large collection of sound effects including bass, footfalls, rumble, distortion and many others. The sounds can be triggered using touch and hold, or by tapping with two fingers on the screen. Both players have a wide compatibility range of built-in effects to instantly turn a song in to a mesmerizing set or complete dance floor setup.

dj apps also support streaming, which means that you can listen to a track on your iPhone/iPod through your home's speakers, while watching your YouTube video on your TV/monitor. With dj apps, you can easily create a radio station based on your preference. You can scan the radio stations and play songs randomly. Similarly, there are various effects, like 'light ring', 'light fading', 'ringing' and 'antenna' which can be used to trigger various effects.

In addition to streaming and music effects, most dj apps offer a variety of sound effects, like 'chatter' and 'waves'. These sound waves can be used for triggering various sound effects. 'Chatter' is triggered when a player hits any beat in the song and 'waves' are emitted every time a filter is played. Various types of filters are used in dj apps like 'tube distortion', 'tone'; a ringtone-like effect, a compression effect and a bitmap synthesizer.

Sound Effects: Apple has pulled out all the stops to ensure that every iPhone owner has an amazing sound experience. The sound is usually controlled with a one-touch tap on the virtual touch screen. For those who want to experiment, an ios app store is available to help users experience the same richness of sound and music through their iPhones. There are various sound effects like 'railroad tracks', 'new age', 'funk', 'Woodstock','space' and many more to choose from. These sound effects can easily be integrated in to mix with the songs for a custom DJ experience.Mixes: Another important feature present in the Dj App is its wide range of mixes. The user has to feed in the tracks of their choice and mix the tracks to their liking. The user can also filter the songs and save them in mixes to play at parties. Most of the Mixes have been customized to include the track names and the date of mix.

Cross Dj App: This is a completely new version of the typical dj app. With this app, you can cross reference tracks played by guests against your own play list and make your own set of tracks. With this application you can build your own set of tracks as well as create mix that will be played at a party or event. With a cross dj app you can mix two tracks of your choice and even have it cross referenced against your other two tracks in case any of them fail to play properly.

The biggest advantage of streaming services sound cloud is that your subscribers can share your music with their friends. However, due to limitation of Apple devices the dj cannot play the audio on a wider range of devices. Apple devices are known to play only one song at a time. This limits the amount of people who can listen to your audio at one time. With a cross platform dj app you can play across a variety of devices and still deliver the optimized audio quality. It's all thanks to Apple's rejection of apps that use the native code of iOS devices.