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Hi Hats

SoundOff by Evans Hi-Hat Mute, 14 Inch
  • 14" Hi-Hat mute providing a 95% volume reduction
  • Realistic cymbal rebound
  • Will not drastically alter the drums feel
  • A great gift for any drummer; practice at home without having to worry about volume control

Read More About Hi Hats

Hi hats are an important part of the percussion instruments family. A hi hat is a replica of a pedal/axle combination and typically includes a ride cymbal on the bottom, normally with a steel shank. A hi hat is part of the basic musical instrument kit utilized by percussionists in several styles of music such as pop, rock, jazz, and folk. But they have a place in most other music genres as well.

Hi hats contain a steel plate that connects to a drum head, which strikes the drum set using a hollow metal "damper." Hi hats can be made of different materials including plastic and acrylic, as well as other metal composites. Hi hats can also be made from wood and rubber composites. Hi hats play an important role in the sound of a percussionist's drum set. Their volume, pitch, type of sound, and timbre (the impact that they give the drum sample) all affect the feel and style of music played by a drummer.

Hi hats also differ from regular drums in that they do not have a "sticky" bottom plate. This allows more room for the drummer's arm to strike the drum set and provide additional sound effects. When a hi hat is not struck, it creates a "top hat" sound. The difference in sound is often described as a "buzz" or "knock-knock" sound. Hi hats are commonly used in conjunction with kick drums, the hi hat is also sometimes used on the snare drum to reproduce the "snake" sound.

While hi hats are not considered a full representation of other percussion instruments, their role in a song is still very important. They may only be used to accent the rhythm section of a song (the hi hat rolls), but they add an element of melody to the music that cannot be achieved with the use of other instruments alone. For example, a lead guitar may have a bass drum loop, but if it did not contain hi hat rolls, it would not have the same tone as the song without them.

In addition to adding melody, hi hats can also be used to create rhythm. On the drum set, hi hats can be used to set the beat of a song. This is especially useful when a lead guitar or vocalist is not capable of setting the rhythm himself. Hi hats provide a great way for these artists to showcase their talent.

While there are some pros and cons to this instrument, it is important to remember that this instrument has been used for over a century and has a lot of history behind it. Hi hats are used in a variety of situations and can be used to recreate a number of sounds. In addition, it has some unique features that make it distinct from other tools. Some of these include sharpness, thickness, depth, pitch variation, and dynamics. These characteristics make it unlike any other tool.

One of the most important things to know about hi hats is that they can be adjusted to make them sound as loud or as soft as you need them to. The size and shape of the head will affect how much the individual can adjust to. Most guitarists use open hi hats because they are closer to the guitarist's ear than closed ones. Closed hi hats have little control over the sound. Hi hats can also be made to imitate percussive sounds such as drums or guitars. This is done by playing the cymbals in conjunction with the hi hat's open frequency.

If you're looking for a nice set of hi hats to play along with your own recordings, then a good recommendation is to check out the Tommy Emmanuel "Acoustic Hi Hats + Pro Kit." The entire package comes with a hand mic, a pair of open and closed hi hats, two LPs, a book, and software. You're able to get a nice combination that will improve your sound all while keeping cost down.